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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 289-295/366

This will be brief and in this one blog written in the first person. This has been the week from Hell. I had to leave work early on Monday and have been ill ever since. I managed to got to the pictures on Sat morning but then I missed a surprise party for some Mini mates on Saturday and again on Sunday morning. Then to cap it all Bertie went missing on Saturday night and we fear the worst as we cannot find him anywhere. Peanut has gone into a mini meltdown on Sun afternoon finally succumbing to tears as she feels that everything is just falling apart. It is and it’s not nice. Please come home Bertie and restore the smile to Mrs P’s face.

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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 288/366

Sunday was a stay at home day for Worth and Gates. They had an egg and bacon breakfast with Lorraine, several cups of tea and a rather pleasant general chit chat to sort out the world. At about eleven Lorraine headed off for London and Worth and Gates decided to have a break from painting and do some gardening.

The bush by the front door was getting too big so they decided to cut it right back. The results were quite drastic and really Worth would prefer to take all the three bushes near the front door away completely and replace with new. However, Gates has a bigger say in the garden. It is probably the only thing that they disagree on.

They have put a table and chairs at the front of the house and it is a lovely place to enjoy a cup of tea. However, at the moment it is a little exposed.

Strictly, The Antiques Roadshow and Poldark saw them through to bed time with Reacher.

Not a bad old day all in all.

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The Antics Of Worth And Gates 287/366

Worth and Gates had a lie in on Saturday morning and Gates read some Jack Reacher to Worth. Worth thinks it is the height of indulgence to be read to and really loves it. Jack Reacher is a tough guy. He is a big fellow and he knows he can handle himself. Sometimes he can talk in a very belligerent manner and It amuses Worth to hear Gates capture this tone as she reads out aloud. The attitude is so alien on her lips but in fairness she does it well and as a result she creates a very real character in Worth’s mind. The story is hotting up too and it all makes for a very indulgent lie in. 

Worth’s cousin was coming up from London and due about 11 so eventually they had to get washed and dressed. Not much was planned in the way of entertainment so after a cup of tea upon Lorraine’s arrival, they headed into Malvern for lunch and a mooch around the shops. Nothing caught their eye so they went To Malvern Link to collect the light fitting they had ordered from Francis the rather splendid furniture shop there.

Three adults and the chandelier would not all fit in the MINI Paceman together. Worth was not sure if the Paceman is small, or if the chandelier is bigger than they realised. It was certainly a big box that it came in. Worth drove the chandelier home and Gates and Lorraine started walking. Worth went back for them just in time to save them from the steep climb into Malvern from Link Top.

Afternoon tea with Parkin cake had been earned and afternoon rolled into evening.

Dinner was a delicious lamb roast cooked by Gates. The girls had a few Aperol Spritz’s beforehand, which seemed to go down well and Bertie provided much of the on-going entertainment. Worth has been struggling with his appetite so he was delighted to leave a clean plate at dinner.

A new Swedish detective thriller on BBC4 was the evening’s entertainment. It was a bit gruesome but not without promise. Oddly though it is something else the week after on BBC4, so when we will see more of this series based on the cold case theme, is anyone’s guess. 

The day ended as it began with that huge bloke taking up space in Worth and Gates’s bed!