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Blog A Pic – Walking Near Cap Lardier

On Christmas Day we went on a long coastal walk which turned out to be about 5 and a half miles. This was quite a tough walk as it included rocky bits, hilly bits and sandy bits. We started off at Gigaro Beach near La Croix Valmer and the aim was to walk to within sight of CapTaillat.

At this point we were flagging a bit and I remember saying that when we get to this post we will see Cap Taillat. We didn’t – Cap Lardier showed up blocking our view of Cap Taillat and we had to walk for another mile before our mission was accomplished.

It was a beautiful walk though and the light was simply stunning. I can understand why painters flock to the South of France.

NB. Cap Taillat is protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral (which bought it from Club Med after it tried to turn the precious,nature-rich cape into the world’s largest Club Med in the 1970s). The tiny spit of sandy land today supports a range of important habitats,from seashore to wooded cliffs, and hides some of France’s rarest plant species as well as a population of Hermann tortoises.