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Blog A Pic – The Proud Torch Bearer And The Happy Policeman

The Proud Torch Bearer

Alice Wright is the Torch bearer pictured here in Malvern Wells. We love this capture, as for us it epitomises the pride felt at being chosen to be a Torch Bearer.

Alice’s nominator said the following when nominating her. Alice is a totally committed runner with talent and potential in the sport for the future. She trains almost everyday and is determined and self-motivated. She is a member of the local running club and her achievements and attitude is an inspiration to other club members, so much so that the club is now becoming highly regarded nationally and achieving top placings in national events. Alice was the junior sports personality for her city this year. She has run for England and more recently Great Britain in the Junior Youth Olympics in Turkey in July 2011. Her only ambition in life is to represent Great Britain in the Olympic Games and stand on the top podium with a gold medal, the Union Jack raised and the National Anthem playing as a result of her achievements. That is what all this training and dedication is about and it is not just a dream, but something that she is really committed to through hard work and self discipline. She would be so honoured to have the opportunity to carry the Olympic Flame. Her running club would be proud too that she was representing them and it would enable her to feel a part of the Olympic event in her home country. Despite spending so much of her time training and competing, Alice has also worked hard at school and achieved high grades in her GCSEs (7A* and 3A grades), which again demonstrates her self discipline and determination. The opportunity to carry the Olypic Torch is a once in a lifetime chance and she deserves to have this honour.

On a different note we also photographed the police outriders.

The Arrival of The Torch

According to The Telegraph. The group of Scotland Yard police officers charged with protecting the London 2012 Olympic torch relay are be given counselling as they travel around the country, it has emerged.

The Metropolitan Police admitted the group would receive support from “Occupational health specialists” before and after the 70-day relay.

Britain’s biggest police force also disclosed that they would be given psychological training on how to prepare themselves for being away from home.

Officials further admitted the group would also have access to career advisers to help them settle back into their day jobs after their two-month assignment was finished and would be offered counselling to help them “reintegrate”.

It is thought that taxpayers will fund the plans, which officials said was to ensure the “welfare” of 36 officers was “considered at everystage”.

Now at first you might scoff at this as nonsense and poppycock but when you look at these three Happy Chappies then you begin to realise that they probably do need counselling!


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Blog A Pic – Love Is Growing Old Together

We recently went to the Gloucester Car Show at Highnam Court near Gloucester and while there we spotted this elderly couple who had brought their classic JAP engined Three Wheeler along for everyone to enjoy. They were having a picnic in the gardens by their car and I was touched by the scene  as I thought of them and their car all growing old together. It seemed a very tender moment in time that I had caught with the camera and I felt somewhat pleased with the result. Click the photo for a larger view as well as black and white and full colour versions.