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The Four Thirds Itch / Retro Styling

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I have been flirting with the Four Thirds route for over two years, ever since a friend of mine Wibbly dabbled with a Panasonic GF1, which I blogged about here. The market has changed immensely since then, with retro styling becoming perhaps the prime consideration rather than the four thirds format and a number of manufacturers have waded in with Rangefinder style retro body styles to compliment the new digital technology inside.

Fujitsu, while not going down the four thirds route did  blast into the market for retro style cameras with their now iconic X100. This comes with a fixed prime lens shooting at 35mm equivalent and is now available at around the £650 mark. A tempting package indeed.

However, it is a fixed lens, it would always be an “as well as” camera. Still I can’t stop wanting one.

Meanwhile Olympus upped the ante with their spiffing OM-D retro styled glorious offering and Fujitsu came along with their X-Pro1. Both with interchangeable lenses and both knocking on the door of the DSLRs for image quality. Both though are the wrong side of £1000 by some margin, when you stick a lens on the front.

Fuji have listened to the comments about the cost of X-Pro1 ownership and have announced the X-E1 which has 95% of the goodness of the X-Pro but at a sub 1k body price. The target market of Fuji for this camera is a perfect match for er…  me!

So there you have it, the next step in my camera journey will be down the retro camera style route.  To this end a small camera bag is needed – a Billingham Hadley Digital or small will suffice – and a lightweight carbon fibre tripod such as the Manfrotto Carbon Fibre Tripod + 3-way QR Head – 732CY-A3RC1 will establish the new direction nicely. The Fujitsu X-E1 launches in November, so time to get saving!


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