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Mille Miglia Road Trip Part Five

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20130529-093659 PM.jpg
Wednesday 29th May 2013

The start of our road trip today so we needed an early start to get the 600 km journey to Italy done and dusted. It was bright and lovely when we left and the journey was completely hitch free which was nice.

20130529-093859 PM.jpg

We arrived at the Mille Miglia museum at about 12.45 and thought we would have lunch there before we went in. The restaurant looked very nice, a bit posh really for a museum, but as it turned it we never ate there because the Aston Martin owners club had a do on there and it was their turn for lunch. So no-one else got a look in and the restaurant was closed to everyone else, which was a bit poor we thought. But hey ho we walked out of the museum and had two paninis and drinks in a proper Italian bar in the town.

20130529-094115 PM.jpg

Then back to the museum and a look round before the Aston hoards spoilt our pictures (as well as our lunch!). We had the place to ourselves for our visit, which was nice, but the shop itself didn’t have anything we really wanted to buy. That was odd as we had an idea of what we would like, a badge, a hat, maybe a red jacket for me. But no red jackets, no badges and the baseball hats were E30 which really seemed a rip off. The museum though at E7 was really good value and well worth visiting.

After a short but quite fraught journey into the centre of old Brescia we found our hotel, checked in and got the car parked up. Brescia is a lovely town full, and I do mean full, of watch shops, both new and second hand stuff, things that you rarely see, so Beastie was happy as Larry. As we mooched around the rain began to get heavier and the thunder boomed.

20130529-094329 PM.jpg

We decided eventually to go back to the hotel and get some tea, dry out and wait for the storm to pass, which it did, and by 5.30 the sun was shining and we looked forward to a dry evening stroll and nice meal.

We walked up the hill to the castle took a few pictures and then came back into town and found a nice restaurant where we had a few drinks and some pasta dishes. The storm clouds grew as we ate but luckily we got back to our hotel before any serious rain.

20130529-094502 PM.jpg

Tomorrow we head for San Marino.


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