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Mille Miglia Road Trip Part Seven

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20130531-111909 PM.jpg
Friday 31st May 2013

Beastie let me lie in this morning so we had a latish breakfast at 9.00 but nonetheless we were all ready to go very promptly. We are getting the hang of this touring stuff. It’s all to do with organisation and lots of bags! Today our destination was Rome and we set off excited with one adventure behind us and another awaiting. Of course as now seems to be the way,we went the wrong way in San Marino about 30 seconds into our journey and found ourselves facing a policeman somewhere we shouldn’t have been, having missed a ridiculous 180 degree turn and having very little room to turn round. The Policeman won the face off and we turned around. I am glad Beastie likes to start these days of driving.

20130531-112145 PM.jpg

Our stay in Rome was for two nights so we decided to try to stick more closely to the true Mille Miglia route for the first half of our journey to Rome and avoided not just the toll roads but anything that even looked like a motorway. Consequently, we had a lovely drive through the hills, not really mountains but some were pretty high and it was all looking just like Italy ought to. Beastie was still in the driving seat and SilverBeast roared up every hill and popped and banged down every hill too. He was loving it and clearly so too was SilverBeast. However, we couldn’t dally all day in this beauty or we would never get to Rome, even though as we all know, all roads lead to it.

20130531-112402 PM.jpg

We had planned a stop in Spoleto but on the way spotted a beautiful town again plastered up the side of a rock. This turned out to be Assisi, so we made this our lunch stop. We weaved up some roads and parked in an underground car park that handily had escalators to the top. The rain had been spoiling for a fight again, and began in earnest just as we found the centre of the town. Clearly then, it was time for lunch but everyone else thought so too and it took a while to get settled. And then it rained… It looked like the storm had followed us from San Marino and waited until we got out of the car to strike. But Ha, we were cosy and eating pizza so… Screw you rain!

20130531-112617 PM.jpg

We had a walk around this lovely town, took some pictures and decided that if we ever did this drive again we would include an overnight stop here. It really was that pretty and like San Marino, nothing was out of place. Lunch over we pressed on as Rome beckoned and arriving at 5.00pm didn’t seem to be the best time to get a good run in to the city. Beastie had a scare while I was driving as suddenly a siren blared and he thought the Police were going to pull me over. However, it was due to us being teenagers in the 1970s and it was only Blockbuster by Sweet blaring out over the HiFi!

And yes we arrived in Rome around five we were right, it was busy! However, As luck would have it I had booked a place the right side of Rome and by jumping on the motorway at the last knockings, it meant that the traffic wasn’t too bad. We found the hotel – the Hotel Tiburtina – easily enough and it proved to be very pleasant and close to the Metro with free parking. Oh boy, I am a genius and don’t worry I remind Mr Beastie of this fact often!

We decided that a little foray into the city to try out the Metro and get our bearings would be a good idea for the evening. So we walked the 10 minutes to the Metro station and then bought our tickets. The thing with Italians is, ok so Italian is the first language and then, well English would be the next for most people to understand and the Italians get this. Not so the French though, who have French first and then… struggle. So buying our ticket was made very simple as we had an English option, and 1.50 each, each way seemed a bargain for a 20 minute ride. We got out at Colosseo and wham(!), there it was right slap bang in front of us, the Colosseum.

20130531-112834 PM.jpg

A few pics and then it was time to eat and wait until dark for some more when it would be lit up. Dinner was a simple but tasty meal consisting of one pizza and one spaghetti carbonara, which we shared. after dinner we walked all round the Colosseum taking lots of night photos on the Fuji X-E1, which we hope have turned out good.

20130531-113042 PM.jpg

After this it was A quick train ride home and here we are back again at our hotel in Rebibbia, very chuffed that we managed a train ride to the centre of Rome, when we have in fact already driven 2,500 miles in the last week!

20130531-113217 PM.jpg

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