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Mille Miglia Road Trip Part Thirteen

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20130605-095150 PM.jpg
Wednesday 5th June 2013

The last week has been very hectic touring Italy but it really has been a fun and leisurely drive. In total this holiday will have seen us do between 3500 and 4000 miles which on paper sounds horrific and for many not their idea of a holiday at all.

However, break it down and it makes sense. 1000 miles in one hit overnight and we are in Port Cogolin. A lazy 4 days in our apartment before we tour Italy. Then a half day drive to Brescia for one night. Next a drive to San Marino through some stunning countryside arriving around 2.15. Next Rome and a two night stop but with an extended and very pleasant lunch stop at Assisi on the drive down. Then Siena with a break in Montefiascone and a one night stop here. Modena for one night and then back to Port Cogolin but arriving late at 8 in the evening so we could spend the afternoon in the glorious Portofino. Now we have 4 days here before we do the 1000 miles home leaving late Saturday evening and arriving home Sunday afternoon. In truth the format has worked incredibly well.

Today then, in keeping with the format, has been a lazy day. A lie in and a read in bed began the day before we decided to head for the beach.

We went to Gigaro beach which is a 15 minute drive away dropping down to the beach from La Croix Valmer. Here we had another read again and Mr Beastie is starting to enjoy Dan Browne’s Inferno, in truth in spite of it being by Dan Browne, whom he is not a big fan of but enjoyable he says because it is set in Florence. Meanwhile I am having great fun reading the Montalbano novel that Beastie finished a few days ago.

Bored with lying on the beach reading, Mr Beastie decided he would take a picture of his watch for his watch blog feature “Wearing today”. He roped me into helping with this and we collected some driftwood to compose a photo of his watch on the beach. Why can’t he just make do with a bucket and spade like any other boy?

20130605-095333 PM.jpg

Still at the beach we bought some cheese and salami and a baguette and Mr Beastie proudly made lunch from this. Bless.

20130605-095506 PM.jpg

We never spend the whole day on the beach so we popped into St Tropez, taking the coast road towards L’Escalet beach and on past the famous beaches of Pampelonne before hitting the old fishing port of St Tropez. Every time we take this road and remember we have been driving it for over ten years now, we have the same conversation with Beastie saying, “This is where topless sunbathing began…”

St Tropez was quiet so we parked bang in the centre at Place des Lices and I mooched about comparing the ostentatious jewellery with what I saw yesterday in Portofino. It’s a close call really – hard to say which I can’t afford the most.

Beastie meanwhile amused himself by taking a few photos for his ever growing fashion blog Friday Cool, which is another
one of our Tumblr blogs that keeps him entertained.

20130605-095625 PM.jpg

Afternoon tea called back at the apartment, followed by a beer and a catch up on the Internet at Charlie’s Bar. We ended the day with a salad for dinner, lettuce topped with smoked lardons, some left over cheese and the remainder of the salami we had for lunch, surrounded by a necklace of eggs and tomatoes. It was rather tasty actually, and we washed it down with a local rosé wine and some cheese and crackers.

A very pleasant lazy day.

20130605-095743 PM.jpg


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