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Mille Miglia Road Trip Part Fifteen

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Friday 7th June 2013

I woke to a crash in the kitchen this morning, I didn’t rush out of bed but let Beastie sort out whatever mess he had got himself into. It seems that some chocolate biscuits in the cupboard had proved irresistible to the ants and they had invaded in the night. The crash was Beastie trying to get stuff out of the cupboard to attend to them, and a glass coffee jug was the victim.
So my tea in bed was late…very poor.

It was another glorious day but this morning we had some housekeeping to do. Some serious hoovering (in corners and everything), cleaning the rug and then we ended up washing the covers on the settee because I tried to clean off some spots and it was worse when I had finished than before I started. I am not a natural housekeeper, but then Mr Beastie is always happy enough to remind me that he never married me for my housekeeping abilities – he can be a sweetie!

After this we went out for a new bin as Beastie decided that he just could not cope any longer with the current bin, because he has to take the lid off before he can throw anything in it! To be fair it is just so lovely for that to be the biggest worry in his life, so I happily sanctioned the purchasing of said new bin! Hmmph, the trouble with Mr Beastie is that if you give him an inch he’ll take a mile, so he also complained that the seats on the terasse were a bit hard on his delicate bottom. Some cushions for the chairs on the terrasse were purchased too then. Today clearly, was not a day lived in the fast lane!

We had lunch in the apartment and made a very nice salad again, with lardons, salami, goats cheese, eggs and tomatoes. We washed it down with half a bottle of rosé, which is a very pleasant way of giving a lift to an ordinary day.

After lunch we thought we would spend some time by the pool, which was lovely and Beastie had a swim. He tried to lure me in too, but I wasn’t convinced so I sat on the side with just my feet in. He says I must have a proper dip tomorrow.

20130607-102134 PM.jpg

All this hard swimming was thirsty work so a beer at Charlie’s Bar was called for – having an English pub full of scousers on your door step makes it hard not to! Dinner at home shortly with an evening stroll will finish off the day nicely.

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