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Blog A Pic – A Walk Over The Malvern Hills

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The Malvern Hills

Mrs P was working a night shift last night and came home at half past 8 this Sunday morning. The forecast was for sunny weather so we made a plan to go straight out, and walk over The Malvern Hils from our house on the Malvern side of the hills to The Kettle Sings for Breakfast on the Colwall side of the hills.

The day came with glorious sunshine and big bold skies with magnificent clouds of cotton wool and the walk begged for cameras to be used. Mrs Peanut is keen on zoom stuff and took the Canon 400D armed with the Sigma 70-300 lens, while I took the Fuji X-E1 with the kit 18-50 lens. We had most bases covered. Living in The Malverns I have photographed them many times but have always felt that the photographs never quite do justice to the beauty one finds and feels while walking these hills. Today though with crisp blue skies, fluffy clouds and wonderful sunshine, I came away feeling that I had done a better effort at capturing their grandeur and beauty. Peanut meanwhile had success too capturing the hills in a different way using the zoom lens.

The Canon shots require a fair bit of post processing, as it shoots a bit soft and a bit colourless, so some sharpening and saturation were used to bring the photos up to the vivid landscape that we encountered today.  On the Fuji I shot in Velvia film simulation and this seemed to capture very well the hills we saw. They seem very saturated but as I said to Peanut as we were walking, look how lush the landscape is and we noted that the greenery really was very green and the sky very blue. many of the shots from the Fuji then are SOOC and others just have a tiny spot of enhancing. As always though the X-E1 really was a pleasure to use. Anyway click on the top photograph for a slideshow of Fuji shots from the day and the photo below to see the Canon 400D photos.

Walking The Malverns


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