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Port Cogolin & Venice Diary – Part Two

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Part Two – Sunday 25th August 2013

Sunday was a home from home day, a lazy day where we never left Port Cogolin but lounged around enjoying the sunshine and taking pleasure in not really doing anything much at all. And to really make us feel at home two cars have befriended us – a black cat from next door and this Ginger fella!


After a very early bowl of cornflakes, I spent some time writing up the drive down here for our holiday diary before waking Lady P with tea in bed. Then we both read. I am near the end of Winter of The World which is the second part of Ken Follet’s epic trilogy following a number of families through both world wars. I am rather enjoying it and it is an easy way to brush up on my understanding of modern history.

Anyway by now it was close to lunch time so we decided that first we would have a quick dip in the pool. I have commented in previous diaries that our pool seems to enjoy a very high totty count and once again this was the case! However, I won’t dwell on that as even better we had a break through with Mrs P and swimming. Over the last few years Mrs P has learnt to swim a bit in the south of France but only in the sea where the salt water is a bit more buoyant. Today though we got her swimming widths of the pool and even managed to introduce an element of style to her breaststroke. Mrs P was very pleased with herself and I must admit I felt very proud of her. She has always enjoyed the water but gradually she is learning to do more than just splash about in it.

Lunch was next and because we had already planned to stay at home today we had got Chinese from Geant for lunch, so Cantonese rice with a pork roll, samosas and battered king prawns. Tasty!

Feeling full after a larger than normal lunch we took a walk around Port Cogolin, armed with a camera each, me with the Fuji X-E1 and Peanut with the Canon 400D shod with a Sigma 70 -300 lens. This is a reasonably powerful zoom lens which makes Mrs P look like the paparazzi! She loves using this lens and when we shoot together using the zoom and a normal 18-50 zoom we usually end up with an interesting set of shots. Peanut got well into the shoot and began to develop a theme for her photos -Things To Do on a Sunday in Port Cogolin. Our diary shots are all iPhone photos by the way, but look out for these shots in a later blog on the PhotoBeast website. It was a very enjoyable way to spend an hour or so of our day.

Back to the pool for more swimming and a read by the pool – just lovely.
Back in the apartment we had lovely hot showers then decided to pack our stuff for our three nights in Venice, which would begin tomorrow with a six o’clock start! Good adventures begin with good planning. The route to Venice was already in the car sat nav, the car parking was pre booked and the way to the hotel from the car park already planned. Basically, we drive over a long bridge to the island that is Venice and park in a multistorey close to the end of this bridge. A 100 yard walk takes us to a boat bus, which then sails to our stop which is the last one on its route seven stops up and right outside our hotel. In theory this means we only have a 100 yards of lugging cases in Venice. However, we pack so everything is in bags and all fit on one wheeled case, no loose coats or awkward stuff – the little things make a big difference, especially if things don’t work out and you end up with a mile walk lugging cases. Watch this space to see how it all pans out!


Anyway, cases packed we could enjoy an evening meal, some wine and yet another read. Dinner was fresh pasta, which was pasta parcels of ham and cheese in a delicious tomato sauce with a ham and mushroom pizza, followed by a slice of cake and another goat cheese cake covered in fruit with crackers. It was delicious!


We hit the sack at ten thirty as we had an early night but we were a while getting to sleep as we were excited about going to Venice in the morning and the Italian restaurant was quite busy still underneath us. There was one very loud Englishman who was particularly enjoying himself, but it was quite early so we had to endure the idiot!

A lovely day and Venice in the morning!

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