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Port Cogolin & Venice Diary – Part Four

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Part four – Tuesday 27th August 2013

The weather forecast had been a bit dodgy for our stay in Venice, sunshine and showers with the threat of storms, but we had already had one beautiful day and today we awoke to another.

Breakfast is in the hotel restaurant which is on the front looking out over the lagoon. This made breakfast a fun affair as we could watch all the people walking by while we enjoyed our tea, coffee and croissants. The day was already off to a good start and that was just enjoying breakfast!

We had a plan to book some kind of a walking tour and be sure to have a gondola ride because that’s something you have to do, isn’t it? With this in mind we strolled to a booking office which we had clocked in Piazza San Marco straight from breakfast and booked a combined walking tour and Gondola ride which seemed to suit our needs and which kicked off at three in the afternoon.

We then spent the morning exploring and decided to seek out Piazzale Roma where our trip had started when we first parked the car and used this as a way of exploring many of the narrow streets of Venice. Every turning, every alley way and every vista in Venice is a photographer’s dream and eventually you almost drown in the wonder of the place!


Finally, we ended up where we had intended and stopped for lunch at the same small cafe we had used as a meeting place seven years ago, when we had first come here on a day out on another European MINI trip based in the Dolomites.


Recharged after a lunch break, we then made our way back to Piazza San Marco to meet up for our walking tour, which turned out to be very interesting and revealed facets of Venice that we otherwise would never have known. We have an inherent dislike of being herded with a group but to be fair, you do learn things you wouldn’t otherwise get to know and at the end of it we duly went on our Gondola where we got chatting to some Americans.


The sun still shone when we left the boat but we felt it was time for a Bellini in some shade and as Harry’s Bar was just in front of where our gondola ride ended we popped in there. Harry’s Bar in truth, is a bit of a must do experience that you shouldn’t miss, but Bellinis, which were of course invented in Harry’s Bar are not a cheap drink. They were delicious though!

From Harry’s Bar we strolled back a tad tipsy to our hotel, walking along the lagoon front past St Mark’s Square and exhausted, fell into our cool room for a rest.

Looking out it seemed like the storm was catching up with us at last, so after changing for dinner we took umbrellas with us and this time chose a restaurant not too far from the hotel. We also made sure we sat somewhere well covered and it was as well we did, as the rain soon started with thunder and lightning following. It’s funny but over the years we have enjoyed more than a few meals outside in the evening while the heavens have opened. It reminds me of camping in a cosy tent listening to the rain hitting the canvas and I kind of like it. I enjoyed a nice cocktail/aperitif before the meal, which was the local speciality apparently. Anyways, it was orange in colour, looked nice and tasted good. The meal itself though was a bit dull. Probably our own fault for making lame choices- fried calamari with chips for me and escalope Milanese for Peanut. Gnocchi for me and lasagne for Peanut as starters. My calamari looked like onion rings and chips! Oh well, at least the aperitif and the wine helped put a rosey tint on the occasion and of course every meal is a wonder when Mrs P is your hot date!


It was still raining after our meal so we had to scuttle back quickly to the hotel, where we fell into bed tired after a full day of walking and exploring.

We were happy bunnies though and dinner if dull from the epicurean point was nonetheless an animated affair as we discussed all the wonders and delights we had seen throughout the day. Venice had really seduced us.



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