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Venice For Lovers

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Out and about in Venice for a three night break and when in Venice, you notice a different sound track. No cars, or cycles, no roads, lots of bells, and singing and chirping, laughing and whispering. And you notice that people are in love…

While in Venice we shot mostly with the Fuji X-E1 with the kit 18-50mm lens on, which makes for a near perfect walk around lens. However, we also spent some time walking around with two cameras and also used our Canon 400D armed with a 70-300 Sigma zoom. This is a much less discreet look but it does let you get the occasional moment of intimacy, or detail. Most of these were Fuji shots but a couple are from the Canon with the Sigma lens. The Fuji certainly makes for minimal post processing and just a little tickling using iPhoto editing has been applied to these. There are more Venice sets to follow but our initial thought is that the Fuji has performed really well. Most of these by the way are using the Astia film effect. velvia was gorgeous but at times a tad rich on the skin tones. Tempting though!

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One thought on “Venice For Lovers

  1. Great pics! We went two weekends back over the bank holiday… had a great time and made a video of it too!

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