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Venice – Venicescape Part One


These are the more general shots, vistas, panoramas, landscapes, cityscapes – you get the idea – and we shot them over the three days we spent exploring Venice. There are a lot of them so we have blogged them in two halves. I would hope that after seeing our photos from Venice it would make you want to visit this beautiful city. It has certainly left a lasting impression on us and God willing it won’t be too long before we return. We were armed with the Fuji X-E1 with the 18-50 lens, which is a perfect walk around set up and the Canon 400D with the 70-300mm Sigma zoom. Most of the shots are from the Fuji but between the two cameras we had most bases covered.

Author: ibeastie

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2 thoughts on “Venice – Venicescape Part One

  1. Beautiful photos of this amazing city!! Visiting Venice is very very high on my to-do-list!!

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