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Movie Of The Week – Porsche 911 One Car to Do it All

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Two things I like with the philosophy behind this car.

First, it gets used all the time, both on the track and on the road. A lot of these movies showcase £10 million pound rare classics that in truth only see a piece of tarmac when they make a movie of it, such as one of these Petrolicious specials. Nice to look at but if you like driving then those cars have nothing to do with that!

Secondly, it’s a Frankenstein… er frankly. A Porsche engine from a different era to the body and so on, but the guy has crashed it twice and it’s not babied in showroom condition never to be driven in anger. So I like this, it’s real, it’s used it’s not subjected to the stunted anality of every part including the windscreen wiper being original, that is de rigeur on the concours circuit. Our SilverBeast MINI Coupé is ten months old and already has 18k and three European tours under its belt! Why have a sexy car and do less than 3K a year in it? It’s like having a beautiful wife and only… well you get the picture.

So yes this car gets my vote – it’s a Porsche and it gets driven!

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One thought on “Movie Of The Week – Porsche 911 One Car to Do it All

  1. What a wonderful video, thank you for finding it and sharing it

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