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Halloween Shoot with The Beacon Camera Club

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We have recently joined our local camera club in Great Malvern – The Beacon Camera Club. We are really enjoying it and are finding the meets very interesting and inspiring. The meetings are every Thursday night and this week it fell on Halloween, so a field trip was planned for a walk around Worcester city centre, kicking off at 7.30 outside the Guild Hall. On arrival we split into groups of five for our walk around and then all met 2 hours later in the Plough for a drink, a warm up and to chat about the evening. It really was a fun evening.

First off we did some light painting and this gave me the perfect photograph for this week’s Photo Challenge: Eerie run by the Daily Post. Our group leader walked down some  fire escape steps that were producing some great shadows on a wall behind. While he walked down the steps he held a torch and paused to shine it on his face. Meanwhile at the bottom of the steps we were all busy doing a 30 second long exposure. the result was a very “eerie” Halloween ghost – halfway down the steps. The Fuji X-E1 was already starting to shine.

To our left was the Eagle pub and this was begging to be photographed at night and I was pleased with the shots I got of this too.  From here we headed off to a busier road where  we could photograph some light trails of the traffic going by and the Glover’s Needle in the background. Being relatively inexperienced with long exposure night shots, I was agin very pleased with the results from this and the church along the same road was also worth a photograph.

A bit more wandering and we started to find a few characters who were dressed up for the evening (well some were, but I think the Star Wars Trooper had merely forgot to change before going off duty) These were more than willing to pose for photographs and again once home I was really pleased with a couple of these shots. On reflection I wish I had tried harder and done more of these shots as I realise that I really enjoy capturing people.

A cool blue café shot and some evening road works rounded off the shoot. The roadworks were fascinating as they were re laying the tarmac and this was pushing some hot steam into the night air, creating a really moody night shot. In summary then a very worthwhile evening and I was amazed at just how much there was out there to photograph in one evening’s walkabout. I wish now I had done this before my recent Venice trip as then I would definitely have made the effort to spend an hour with the tripod in Venice one evening. Thanks muchly Beacon camera Club – a great night.


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