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Fuji 35mm Shooting – Late To The Party, But At Least We Are At The Party

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Autumn Berries

Finally, we have invested in the much loved Fujinon 35mm f1.4 prime lens that we have hankered after for far too long. Mrs Peanut had time on her hands today, so she was tasked with taking a walk down our road to capture Autumn, specifically in a way that showcases the capability of this lens. To that end you will find that these are all shot wide open at 1.4 aperture or pretty darned close to that. The results have sold us on the lens beyond question and the much hyped delightful bokeh that this lens can produce was readily in evidence.

Attached to the X-E1, this also makes for a neat and compact package and Mrs Peanut was suitably impressed with the lightness of the camera with this lens. For the first images from this lens, taken in very average light on a somewhat uninspiring afternoon, we are very pleased with how they capture Autumn in a very typical Fuji 35mm kind of a way. Anyone who has shot with this lens will know exactly what I am trying to say here. The other comment from Lady P was that the fun in using the Fuji just got doubled, and manual focusing with the peak highlighting is just a joy. Happy Days!


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