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Weekly Photo Challenge – Let There be Light Part Two


This week’s Photo Challenge on The Daily Post is “Let There Be Light” and it gave us the perfect excuse to go and shoot some night shots in Great Malvern. We knew what we wanted for this theme – a contemporary sculpture in Rose Bank Gardens of two buzzards which are eye catchingly lit up at night. That was what we first put up for this challenge but now I wanted to share some of the other photos from the evening’s shoot.

Obviously, I had to make use of Lady Peanut and grab a quick shot of her, in this case on some steps leading away from the Priory in Malvern.

While shooting the buzzards we did some long exposure shots and we were very pleased with the photo of the buzzards with the bus stop in front and the car light trails flying by. I liked the juxtaposition of the stillness and loneliness that emanates from the deserted bus stop and telephone box, contrasted to the light trails flying busily by, while above metal buzzards fight an epic duel. Yes I am getting carried away I know, but the point is I felt a connection and emotion when I looked at this photo. I liked it and so did Mrs P.

The night shot of the Priory is a must do, but in truth there was a lot of people and cars polluting the shot with their torches and headlights, but hey ho, we still liked the result. All in all we were pleased with what we shot and you can see them all, including the original black and white buzzard shot by clicking here.

You can see the original challenge here

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Let There be Light Part Two

  1. Beautiful shots! You did a great job for the challenge 🙂

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