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As a keen photographer and intermittent blogger, I have made myself a few friends both in cyberspace and in the real world too, and seeing their photos or reading their blogs is a real source of inspiration to me.

One of my favourite photography blogs from bumbling about in the murky corners of WordPress, comes from a chap called Simon Peckham who is also a keen Fuji player and also does an excellent curator role for all things Fuji on his Scoop it site. A while back now he was messing around with the Duplex filter from Nik’s suite of photo editing software and frankly I was rather smitten with the results he was getting, which are worth looking at here. I made a mental note to look at this further but left it at that.

Then this weekend, we met up with an old chum, Andy Williams, in the real world (scary I know) who likes to capture his travels in a very definite street style of photography, usually with the latest on trend camera – he openly admits to suffering from GAS (Gear Acquistion Syndrome) – which currently is some Sony full frame jobbie. He spent some time showing us some of his photographs and they really were inspiring. I can’t show you any here – BECAUSE THEY ARE BETTER THAN MINE AND THAT WON”T DO WILL IT? – but trust me they were good, sharp, contrasty and full of pep. I could see a touch of pity in his eyes, as he watched me  failing valiantly not to turn green with envy at his pictures, so he whispered quietly in my ear, “Google NIK Collection.” I adopted the sage nod of The English Gentleman who is always the equal regardless of the reality.

So here I am in front of the computer, playing to my heart’s content with NIK’s finest, having a great time and telling myself what a cool keen photographer I am. And then that word pops up in my mind  – hipster – and off goes my mind to contemplate the role of NIK in the hipster photographer’s world. Anyway back to now and I’m playing. So…

A few weeks ago we were at the Morgan Car factory doing a little feature for our sister site AutoBeast, for its Car Of The Week feature, which you can see here and I have just revisited some of the photos and slapped a duplex filter on them. Hope if nothing else it makes you want to play – it works for me, I’m as happy as any Larry I know!

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2 thoughts on “Photo Styles – Playing with Pics and Photo Ramblings

  1. Hey Adrian my cyborg pal. Glad you can join us in Nik world as well as Fuji life. My 2014 is to stop the GAS. My goal is one camera one lens all year. I bet I learn a bucket load of new skills. Thanks buddy for the mention in you review, to kind.

  2. Oh I forgot. Great Morgan shots, visiting the factory…..damn I have to keep one eye out to grab them on the road you lucky chap.

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