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Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie


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This week’s photo challenge set by the Daily Post is Selfie.

Nothing revolutionary here just pics of me behind a camera photographing through a mirror. The notion though of a selfie sets me thinking about the importance of an emotional connection in an image. A good landscape shot, can be ruined by the ignoring a simple rule and not levelling the image. I saw a good image today of flooding but all I could think was, “No worries the water will soon pour away to the right it’s on a slope”. But actually it was an emotional connection that I could not see in the image and this brings me back to a recurring thought I get a lot recently, and that is the importance of putting people in images, bringing them to life. On my photographic journey, I have spent so much time trying to keep people out of images but now I regret that, people bring emotion to an image, give it life and vitality so I must get more people in my images. So here are a few selfies. They have me in them and that brings emotion and feeling and perhaps forgiveness for burnt out images. You see people and subject, win out over technique every time!





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