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Blog A Pic – Fuji X-E1 and the 35mm lens. Wedding Reportage

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Last weekend we were guests at a friend’s beautiful wedding. The story of the day can be found on our Life Blog here. However, I wanted to say a few words from the photographic perspective on playing with the Fuji combination of the X-E1 and the 35 mm lens.

We weren’t the official wedding photographers, we were just guests and we wanted to create a set of  photos that we could use to storyboard the wedding. I guess that storyboard is what you see on the Life Blog above. We set out the initial rules for the shoot.

1. No flash

2. No posed photographs

3. Create a storyboard – a set in chronological order, with a beginning a middle and an end and a story and finally a rogues gallery of interesting characters from the day.

3. To achieve a flavour that perhaps suggested that the photos were stills from a film or a movie.

We had a plan then, so how did we do?

Well first off, we stuck to the rules, of no flash, no posed pictures. By careful selection of the final shots we created a storyboard, beginning with Groom nerves waiting for the bride to arrive, through the wedding breakfast, evening bash and creating a story end, albeit tongue in cheek , as the happy couple waved goodbye prior to entering the er… Consummation Room! The Fuji and the 35mm lens performed brilliantly in the lighting conditions and rendered up some beautiful colouration, which when allied to the high ISO shooting did indeed create a very appealing film like quality to the images. This of course is our view on what we shot, you might not agree, but by explaining what we were aiming for, I think it does allow you to judge if we were successful or not. In short then we were pleased with the Storyboard we got.

Shooting with the Fuji and a 35mm fixed lens prime sets limitations and others using powerful zooms might have got up close and personal, but then they were not able to put their camera away in their wives handbag. We did. So we could be shooters and guest all at the same time and I like that. While I was there I handled a Canon 7D with a big lens and a huge battery pack slung underneath and  on top a large flash. Lovely kit but no thanks. I can barely pick it up it is so heavy. I am not the strongest of guys just now, having some chemotherapy treatment, and seriously that sort of kit is just beyond what I can handle – so heavy. It just reminded me even more of why I love using the Fuji and the gorgeously fun to use aperture rings on the lenses.

The tester then. If I went to another wedding would I use the same kit? Well if I adopted the same 4 point criteria, I used above definitely, but if I added a few different nuances to that criteria well I might try it with the Kit 18-55mm 2.8 lens, but whatever I did , I would stick with the one lens if I was a guest shooter.


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