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Sources Of Inspiration – Camera Club Photo Tips – Crop and Crop Again

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One For You, One For Me - Take Two

close crop

I think I heard this tip at our local camera club, “Crop and Crop again.”  I think it is a tip worth bearing in mind. On the Fuji X-E1, I shoot raw plus jpeg. I like this because I have all the raw data, but it allows me to do a first crop in camera, i.e. I often select a square crop in camera. This gives me the full 3:2 image in raw and a square cropped Jpeg. Then in post processing, I have cropped again. I think it works in the example above as I like the bottles filling the image.

In the example below, again I have the full 3:2 raw image but a square crop in camera and in this case I have cropped once, then cropped again. I like all three images. The first has context, you can see it is a street vendors display of grapes, but in the final crop, I enjoy the detail of the water fountain dripping over the grapes keeping them fresh.


Cropped Once

Cropped twice


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One thought on “Sources Of Inspiration – Camera Club Photo Tips – Crop and Crop Again

  1. In my last few posts, I have resorted to crop in order to get the desired composition as well as the quality of the lens.

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