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Sources of Inspiration – Lee Miller

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Miller in Mougins

Lee Miller is one of the first great photographers to catch our eye. We first saw her work at a Photography museum in Mougins near Cannes about 8 years ago. She was a great friend of Picasso and this photo, which we first saw in Mougins, was taken at Picasso’s house there. It was taken shortly after he had completed Guernica and in the photo are Paul Eluard and his wife Nusch (kissing), Man Ray w. girlfriend Ady, and Roland Penrose (Lee’s future husband) who is looking up. We found the photo fascinating, seeming to capture a kind of relaxed yet faintly decadent mood which for us, still today captures the mood of the south of France. An introduction to her from the National Portrait gallery inroduces her as follows. Lee Miller (1907-77) was one of the most extraordinary photographers of the 20th century. A legendary beauty and fashion model, Miller soon became an acclaimed photographer in her own right. Her relationships with Surrealist artist Man Ray and collector Roland Penrose placed her at the heart of 20th-century artistic and literary circles and, in a career spanning more than three decades, she came into contact with an astonishing range of people. Many of these became her friends and the subjects of her penetrating portraits, which include highly perceptive and sympathetic studies of Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, Fred Astaire, Colette and Marlene Dietrich.

The image above  is copyrighted but here it is not used for commercial gain or profit and it is essential use, to demonstrate the skill of Lee Miller and the influence of her work – we believe therefore that this is fair use.


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