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The Right Tool For The Job

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A Fair point well made , I enjoyed reading this blog.

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To drive a nail into a piece of wood, you use a hammer.  To drill a hole, you use a drill.  To cut a piece of wood, you use a saw.  Life is made much easier for oneself when the right tool is used for a particular job.

Owning plenty of tools myself, i can do an abundance of different jobs with ease because i have access to the proper tool.  Stress is taken out of my life when i am able to effectively, precisely & easily accomplish a task without having to try and make my tool do something that it was not designed to do.

Cameras are tools as well and using the right camera for the job at hand, is very important.  I am not sure that there is one camera that is capable of doing everything perfectly, just like there is not one tool that can…

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