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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


This week’s Photo Challenge from the Daily Post is on the theme of “reflections” and you can find out about it here –

We were out and about in our hometown of Great Malvern shooting a bit of street and Peanut caught this shot which had some lovely reflections of the people in the shot in the shop window. So there you go that’s “Reflections” done! Hope you like it!


Sources Of Inspiration – William Eggleston

The Tate Modern

This weekend we went to London and explored the Tate Modern with Peanut’s daughter – The Elf and our son-in-law Fandango. We went with an open mind looking to be fired up by what we saw. A painting on Sackcloth depicting the Vietnam war hit the spot for all four of us and you can see this painting below. On the left is depicted the military might of the USA with a tank and soldiers and machine guns all in military green camouflage attire and all the weapons pointed to the Vietnamese shown on the right looking forlorn and despairing. A distinct gap on the canvas separates the two factions and provokes further thought. Read on to share our discovery of William Eggleston. Continue reading

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Sources Of Inspiration – Fred Fogherty

I picked up on this by stopping by on Simon Peckam’s Scoop it for The Fuji X series. I wanted to share it because I found it very inspirational. basically he shoots a video clip on a Go Pro and the catches stills from the same scene on his Fuji X100.  They are then mixed together as he tours the streets of Paris. The video serves to give context to the fantastic stills he then captures on his Fuji X100, which in true street style he then edits to black and white. This makes a dramatic contrast to the colour video clip. the whole thing sits really well together and without doubt this has made me want to have a bash at this as a way of presenting an event, or a day out. Sadly I doubt if my efforts will match up to this inspirational piece, but the point is it has inspired me. At the end of the video he challenges us to go out and make your own video. Well Thank you I will at some point rise to the challenge.

Check Fred Fogherty’s work out here.


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Blog A Pic – Fuji X-M1, Our First Play

We left the Photography Show on Saturday with our new toy the Fuji X-M1 and like the big kids that we are we could not wait to unwrap it and have a play. We weren’t going home though! Instead we headed for Bicester for an overnight stay with Peanut’s lovely daughter The Elf and her husband Fandango. We arrived late afternoon with the Elf at work, doing real life stuff. A quick hello to Fandango and ” Look at our new toy” as me and Peanut began undoing boxes. We nicked the battery from the X-E1 as it was charged and put the SD card from it into the X-M1 too and we were ready to play. We were indoors but luckily Fandango and the Elf have two masters – Sammy and Sophie, so we found the ideal models for our first play with the Fuji X-M1.

Lazing around

Edited in Aperture – Auto enhance, dodge and sharpen to face, lift to curves on highlights. ISO 1600, F1.4, 1/60, Pattern Metering. Continue reading


PhotoBeast adds a Fuji X-M1 To The Kit Bag

The Photography Show

On Saturday we went to The Photography Show at The NEC in Birmingham, to check out what was out there and to have a touchy feely look at a couple of Fuji products that we were interested in adding to our kit. A bit like a kid at Christmas, I was bursting with excitement but to prolong the thrill, I insisted that before we even went near the Fuji stand we had a wander around the show to see what was what. We were armed with our Fuji X-E1 matched to the 35mm 1.4 Fuji lens and on our travels saw a few photo opportunities to test the indoor high iso capabilities of our kit. Naturally it did not disappoint and Lady Peanut quickly grabbed a shot of me as I stood before a poster of a rather sexy lady. I can look not too shabby after a shed load of post processing, so I can live with her cheeky shot!

Next up we spotted a couple of colourful models on the Hasselblad stand and the Fuji X-E1 duly performed to get a couple of vivacious shots of said models. Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge – Abandoned

This week’s Photo Challenge from The Daily Post is Abandoned. I have noticed already that it is a popular theme and even for us it was an easy one to work on. A few years ago we did a photo shoot of our Opel GT car in an old abandoned industrial park in Great Malvern and you can see those shots here. While on the shoot though we grabbed some shots of the abandoned work units and we have re-edited them for this challenge, using the Perfect 8 plugin for Aperture. There is something very powerful about the photographs we are seeing for this challenge as we watch nature gradually reclaim man’s footprints on the world.