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Blog A Pic – Fuji X-M1, Our First Play

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We left the Photography Show on Saturday with our new toy the Fuji X-M1 and like the big kids that we are we could not wait to unwrap it and have a play. We weren’t going home though! Instead we headed for Bicester for an overnight stay with Peanut’s lovely daughter The Elf and her husband Fandango. We arrived late afternoon with the Elf at work, doing real life stuff. A quick hello to Fandango and ” Look at our new toy” as me and Peanut began undoing boxes. We nicked the battery from the X-E1 as it was charged and put the SD card from it into the X-M1 too and we were ready to play. We were indoors but luckily Fandango and the Elf have two masters – Sammy and Sophie, so we found the ideal models for our first play with the Fuji X-M1.

Lazing around

Edited in Aperture – Auto enhance, dodge and sharpen to face, lift to curves on highlights. ISO 1600, F1.4, 1/60, Pattern Metering.

Sammy and Sophie

Edited in Aperture, Square crop,Auto enhance, Dodge and sharpen to face. ISO 6400, F8, 0.153855, Pattern Metering.

The Cat Photographer

Edited in Aperture, Crop, auto enhance, dodge and sharpen to face. ISO 1600, F1.4, 1/60, Pattern Metering.


Edited in Aperture, Square crop. ISO 4000, 75mm, F5.6,1/60, Spot Metering.


SOOC, ISO 6400, 75.4mm, F5, 1/38, Pattern Metering.

Sunday saw us back home in the afternoon on a very dull and wet day, so again it was indoor shooting and Ola pants provided us with some entertainment as she posed for the camera.

Ola Pants

SOOC, ISO 6400, F2, 1/52, Average Metering.

Ola in The Captain's Chair

SOOC, ISO 6400, F2, 1/20, Average Metering.

Captain Ola

Edited in Aperture, converted to black and white with a green filter, ISO 6400, F2, 1/10, Spot Metering.

Our early conclusions are very positive. We tried the Wi-Fi option to view and add some pictures to our iPad and after a few false starts this worked well. It does what we hoped it would and it will enable us to easily use our Fuji photos on our blog when we are out on our travels. So that box was ticked with a positive. Secondly, we already found the tilting screen a boon. The photos of Ola in the Captain’s chair were taken using this. Using the X-E1, I would have had to be on the floor and putting the camera to my face while doing this, would have disturbed Ola and we might have missed the shot. Here Ola was engaging with me, oblivious to the fact that I was photographing her. Of course shooting outside might well show the weaknesses of this screen, as bright light might make it hard to work with – I will let you know. There is no doubt that working outside The EVF on the X-E1 is just a joy to use, But the back screen on the X-M1 is noticeably better than The X-E1, so hopefully it will still work well in bright light.

So a great weekend, ending in lots of “ooohs” and “Ahhhhs” as we looked at our cat pictures.

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One thought on “Blog A Pic – Fuji X-M1, Our First Play

  1. Add me to the oohs and ahhhhs. The cats are quite beautiful!

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