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Friday 9th and Saturday 10th May – The Journey to Port Cogolin



The last few holidays have not always had the best starts. We have been rushing to the tunnel with very little spare time, getting stressed, even missing the train altogether once due to heavy traffic. So we made better plans this time and booked a later journey. Needless to say this meant we had one of the best journeys ever and arrived at Folkestone an hour early and just in time to catch the 8.20 train. So a good start in the UK and then probably the best drive down through France that we have ever had, meant we arrived at the apartment at 10.30 to a beautiful warm day.

There was a lot of dust to sweep off the terrasse and a few cleaning jobs to be done, so we knuckled down tidied up, unpacked and headed off to Geant for shopping. Now back home in Malvern Wells, we sometimes stroll to our local Spar shop, which is about the same distance away as Geant is from our place in Port Cogolin. It’s a nice walk in Malvern, looking at the lovely hills, noticing houses where some new work has been done but in France the walk to Geant is a whole different experience. in fact it is an adventure all on its own! It soon became apparent that we had again timed our visit to coincide with the Harley Davidson weekend based at Port Grimaud. The roads were filled with roaring spluttering bikers on their Harleys, dodging in and out of the cars as they passed by. and the cars were not ordinary cars either, Ferraris, Astons, Porsches and the new F-Type Jag is a big hit too. We even saw our first MINI Paceman of the holiday too and that looked suitably at home in the South of France. We decided to stop at a roadside cafe and sit outside, so we could enjoy watching the Harley’s fly by. There must have been hundreds of bikers screaming past us and it was exciting to be honest watching the Harleys and listening to them as they roared past.

Lunch itself was a simple Plat du Jour of Poulet Basquaise, washed down with a small pichet of local rosé and after our long journey it was a welcome refuel and tasted delicious. Off to Geant then and just a few bits as we are only here for five days, before heading off for Brescia in Italy. After unpacking the food we had a snooze, then a shower and a quick prowl round the patch to see what was going on.

It was then we discovered Charlie’s Bar is closed. Disaaaaaster Darling! No interweb for us then until we find a WiFi free cafe somewhere.

A simple supper of pizza and a cake with some goats cheese to follow and we were once again pooped. An early start for us tomorrow as we are heading of to Monaco for the Historique Grand Prix so we must get tucked up early tonight. Day one then done and all perfect to plan. Let’s see how tomorrow works with our drive to Bealieu Sur Mer followed by a ten minute train ride into Monaco for the Historique Grand Prix!



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4 thoughts on “Friday 9th and Saturday 10th May – The Journey to Port Cogolin

  1. Have fun in Monaco x

  2. UK, France, Monaco….oh, I love it! Hope everything works out well for you….so far so good. Have fun.

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