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Monday 12th May – Lazy Day


I had promised P a lazy day today after her two busy days, so it was after 9 before she even surfaced and then only for a cup of tea in bed. By the time she was ready for breakfast and I went out to fetch the croissants, the bakery in the garage was already sold out and getting ready for lunch, so I had to trek to Geant to get what we needed, which made it a long journey.

Breakfast was on the patio and we began hatching a plan for the rest of the day, which involved P having an omelette for lunch in Port Grimaud. It was another beautiful day but a bit breezy so although we had thought of hiring an electric boat for an hour, we decided it wouldn’t be that much fun in the wind. So we made it a long lunch and used our time to do some Internet stuff then wandered back the slow way through Port Grimaud south and found the beach. Just when we were thinking that a drink would be nice we spotted a bar on the beach with sofas facing the sea. So that was us settled for a while, a beer for me and a lemon for P.

A bit of a snooze when we got home disturbed after a while by a dreaded mozzie which reminded us that we needed some mozzie killer and a protector for the room.
There is nothing like the tiny buzz of a mozzie near your ear to make you wake with a jump and ruin a good nap.

Off then to Geant for some supper, we chose paella, and once armed with suitable mozzie deterrents we made our way home again. We had a quiet evening only disturbed by some fireworks across the port, not sure why he only bought three booming rockets but it seemed enough for him.

A very lazy way to spend a day, very restful, very French. C’est la vie.




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2 thoughts on “Monday 12th May – Lazy Day

  1. This sounds wonderful. Those croissants are huge! And Bonne Maman…yum! That raspberry dessert…..I am so hungry and I just had supper! 🙂

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