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Tuesday 13th May – Mooching in St Tropez

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Another lazy day loomed, so we decided to break it up with a mooch around St Tropez and as it was market day we decided to park in the underground car park close to Place des Lices where the market is rather than park down by the port. I think this is the poshest multi storey car park I have ever used. Each space has a light above red when full, green when empty and each space is made to fit a Bentley in!

We wandered around the market but there was nothing to tempt us there and the second hand Prada bags were no bargains either! It was not long then before we left the market and took a leisurely tour of the town. It was lovely and bright and sunny but it was very windy and it could be quite cold in the wind and not conducive to window shopping. The pleasant start to the day on our terrasse when we were having breakfast gave us no idea of the wind that was blowing on the other side of the building! On our meandering, I managed to get a look in all my favourite watch shops but poor P was really feeling the wind as it howled up the passage by the Hotel Sube that led to my favourite watch shop, as she had been dressed for the sunshine, and I often found her lurking in a pool of sun out of the wind, basking like an early morning lizard.

When we were at the Monaco Historique Grand Prix, I saw a chap wearing a bracelet that was in the design of a Rolex diver’s watch bezel and I really liked it and asked him about it. He got it in Milan he told me and I determined to keep an eye out for them in Brescia and Venice. Well, knock me down with a feather why don’t you, here they were for sale in my fave watch shop at 180 euros! Hmm not the 25 quid I was hoping for then! I passed for now. First I have to know what the best internet price is before I buy and this is proving hard just now as we don’t have much access so far on this holiday. I need to do my research before we go to Italy though! The next shop along is full of even more expensive watches, though as entry level watches they do have Rolex and Chopard! They had the Chopard for the 2014 Monaco Historique Grand Prix. Gorgeous but I cannot stuff enough five pound notes in my back pocket to pay for one! I also got a glimpse of the beautiful Rolex Milgaus in the flesh, not the one I hanker for with the blue face, but the one with the black face. The green glass gives the whole thing a lovely effect as if there is a ring of green around the edge of the face but actually this is just the glass creating such an effect. Yes, this baby is the one that has finally turned me into a Rolex fan.

We were ready for an early lunch to give us a respite from the breeze and so we needed the sunshine but without the wind. We found ourselves on the harbour front and it seemed worse here to be honest. Sennequier had all it’s see through plastic windbreaks deployed, they were clearly not prepared to risk a wig incident should Joan decided to drop in for coffee. We walked further along closer to the harbour wall at the far end of the port and the wind dropped. We settled for a lovely restaurant facing the road and the boats and the wind was so light we bagged a table right at the front. I had duck, P had salmon en croute and we sat and watched the world go by. The meals were delicious and beautifully presented and washed down by a spot of Rosé the world seemed a wonderful place. There were still a few Harley Davidsons growling around the town including a fantastic three wheeler that I photographed while we were having lunch. I defy any bloke to sit in a cafe in St Tropez, watch a Harley cruise by and not want one! Hell man just the leathers alone… And it looked like there would be some yacht racing on soon too, probably this weekend, as the large super yachts were being replaced by sailing boats. Any pictures you see of St Tropez always show sailing boats moored up, but in reality it is the super yachts who rule the roost and to be honest I feel they spoil the look of the place, but when there is a race on the super yachts get shifted and the “real” boats come back. The sailing yachts look good.

After lunch we did a little more walking and window shopping but nothing took our fancy, but we still have many lovely towns to visit on this holiday, so we had no need to buy anything on this day. With aching legs we decided to head for home and as always our red Opel GT with the roof down, got lots of attention as we cruised through St Tropez. Afternoon tea in the apartment with a little read brought us to the time when we needed to give dinner some thought. We walked to Geant to choose something for supper but we found ourselves completely at a loss as to what to choose, so we finally decided on a Chinese take away from Port Grimaud and P bought some strawberries and pineapples and meringue for dessert.

The meal in the end was absolutely lovely, over dinner I said to Peanut “From the ashes of apathy came a dish of delight” – I always say cool things like that when the Rosé wine is good! Peanut’s strawberries and pineapples served with chocolate topped meringue and creme fraiche was simply astounding, and I wanted to know why she hadn’t thought of it before!! The wind was still up and was howling around the boats in front of our apartment as we snuggled into bed and caught up on our new Jo Nesbo novel The Son, which we are both reading at the moment.

Night night.

PS The Nesbo novel – it’s a good one.





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