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Wednesday 14th May – A Walk To Cap Taillat

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After two lazy days we were in need of some exercise and May is a lovely time for walking as it will be too hot in July for ambitious walks. So we planned a coastal walk to Cap Taillat from L’Escalet which is probably about 4 miles in total but involves quite a lot of climbing. We meant to climb to the summit of the Cap this time as we haven’t been up there for ages and the views are fantastic.


We took plenty of water but we were going to spoil ourselves with a Manhattan double from the van at the beach when we returned. I think we may have described this piece of French cuisine before – basically it is two burgers and chips in a baguette, and is such a monstrous thing that it is plenty for two to share, so a proper treat for us.

It was a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky, and the walk was as always, very invigorating. The colours of the sea are simply wonderful and it is hard to believe that it is really that turquoise. There was still lots of driftwood on the spit of sand connecting the island to the mainland, some made into dens, some looked more like planes and cars – clearly some very talented work had gone into their creation, and it was obvious a lot of fun had been had.


Once we reached the beach we had the hardest part to do which was to climb to the summit of the island and then further still onto the furthest part overlooking the sea. This part of the path is much harder to follow and very narrow and difficult in places. P managed to stumble into a thorn bush and scratch her arm but eventually we reached the top, and sat on the rocks enjoying the view.


A moment of poignancy and contemplation inevitably crept into our thoughts. Would I ever do this walk again, or look upon this island which to me is my very own Kirrin Island from the Enid Blyton books I read as a child? Peanut had a little cry and it got to me too, as I knew that our dreams of holidaying here for years to come will just not happen. But you know the sky was deep blue, the sea aquamarine like my birthstone and the sun warm on our skin. It was too lovely for sadness, so we kissed and hugged and I laughed at poor Peanut’s scratched arms, she looked like a drug user!

It isn’t any easier going down but it wasn’t long before we were back on the beach and looking up where we had been. Then began the long trek back along the coast to L’Escalet past our favourite beach and past the man sunbathing nude on the rocks that we passed on the way to the island. Plenty of cream my son, lest the nuts become tomatoes! By the time we had got back to the car we were both exhausted. It is a long time since we have been for such an arduous walk and we are both out of condition.

We soon rallied after our burger baguette lunch at one of our favourite lunch destinations and made our way home.

This was the last day we would be spending at the apartment, as we had another early start on Thursday to get to Brescia by lunchtime. So we had some cleaning, tidying and packing to do when we got back, and then a stroll to Munroe’s to have a small snack for supper. Then early to bed as we had to be up at 5.30. It is 300 miles to Brescia and we needed to be past Nice and Monaco before rush hour!

A lovely day exploring my very own Kirrin Island and tomorrow the Mille Miglia awaits.



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One thought on “Wednesday 14th May – A Walk To Cap Taillat

  1. Looks like an absolutely beautiful and special place. X

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