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Friday May 16th – A Drive Around Lake Garda



Now that all the action from the Mille Miglia had moved away from Brescia as the race headed for Rome, it was up to us to amuse ourselves for a couple of days until the Mille Miglia returns. As our feet were still weary from walking all day yesterday, we opted for a day in the car driving round Lake Garda. We stopped first at Desenzano for a drink, but it was surprisingly windy, quite cold and the lake looked very choppy. Peanut had a hot chocolate which was not quite as she would have liked being thick and gloopy in true Italian style, it tasted nice but the texture was definitely odd. We found a model shop and had quite a long chat to the chap who owned it, who seemed genuinely pleased to talk to a real person and not just his cars. I bought a model f the Mrcedes Benz in which Stirling Moss won the race in 1955 setting a record time for the race if just over 10 hours for the 1000 mile road race. Think about that statistic for a minute, it is simply mind blowing! The shop owner had the same model autographed by Stirling Moss but understandably that one was not for sale.


As we drove on the sun came out and by the time we reached Garda it was gloriously sunny and just the perfect spot for lunch. We walked through a small market to reach the shores of the lake and on the way I was tempted by some trainers which I badly needed to soothe my feet. In truth I am just not a Trainers kind of a bloke but needs must, my feet really need help! They were perfect and P sanctioned their purchase as she imagined it would mean she did not need to bathe my feet with cold flannels when we got back to our room. She had not reckoned on how pleasant I had found this little routine and whilst they improved my suffering, the bathing was still required. Good old P.

Lunch in Garda was a relaxed affair, as we soaked up the rays by the lakeside. I had a lovely beef steak in pepper sauce with the requisite chips, while P had steak with mushrooms. Delicious and the spritz that we washed them down with seemed particularly strong! We ambled back through the small town and P spotted an outfit that would suit her to a T, so she tried it on and it was perfect although being Italian sizes, she needed a large. Remember we are in Italy and they are trim in this country. I’m not sure why or how but there is an abundance of very pretty slim girls and women. Even the old Italian men do not seem to have the big tums, although they seem to be everlastingly eating pizza and pasta.


We moved on around the lake but soon the sun went behind the clouds and it became less inviting so we did not stop again and instead of coming back on the other side of the lake we took the mountain road back to Brescia which was a perfect drive for our Opel GT with the roof down. Yep in my head I was driving the Mille Miglia!

So it was a relatively quiet day for us ending up with a simple but frankly gorgeous salmon risotto for supper, in the restaurant just opposite the Hotel Orologio, with Peanut wearing her ever so pretty new outfit!





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2 thoughts on “Friday May 16th – A Drive Around Lake Garda

  1. Lovely outfit! You do know I am gaining weight reading your posts! 🙂 Such wonderful descriptions of the food..

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