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Saturday May 17th – Looking For Love In Verona

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The weather for today was forecast to be much sunnier than yesterday which was good as we had planned a trip to Verona. We chose not to use the motorway for our drive from Brescia to Verona, so we could enjoy the journey topless without driving at 130 km/h all the time, as it is such a pleasure to drive top down in the lovely sunshine. There are lots of car parks in Verona and it was very easy to park up in the centre close to the famous Arena. Alas we had checked before our holiday began but the performances at The Arena do not start until July.

While we were debating where to go we spotted a little train that took your on a 25 minute tour and thought that would help us get our bearings.

So we jumped on, enjoyed our ride and soon had worked out which direction the old part of Verona was in. It is a lovely town and reminded us a little of Florence although quite a bit smaller. Lunch in Piazza delle Erbe, the lovely Piazza in the oldest part of the city seemed to be the right thing to do. We chose pizza for lunch with a salad, and couldn’t resist pizza Verona in Love as it was heart shaped. As we had our meal we got talking to a young English couple who were sat next to us. They were travelling around Italy by train and had been to Pompeii, Rome and Venice, where they had got engaged, much to the young ladies surprise! In the course of conversation we found out that they had known each other for 14 months but had not moved in together, which I found quite endearing, as so many young ones move in together as quick as wink, and then wonder why it all goes pear shaped.


We had a long chat and I inflicted many Beastie words of wisdom, which for some reason made them laugh and then we found out she had a MINI, an old 52 plate MINI One and liked to do a bit of rallying. So that made a very pleasant lunch. I told them that the wonderful orange coloured drink I was enjoying was called a spritz and in exchange they pointed us in the right direction for Juliet’s balcony, then we said our goodbyes and parted company. They were a lovely couple and clearly thought I was right when I told them to have their baby next year, so that she would not be pregnant the year after, freeing her to go to both the Monaco Historique GP and the Mille Miglia. Shucks I know… I’m just a great guy.

We had watched a film called Letters To Juliet and it was about a place near her balcony where you wrote to Juliet in a letter, and the story revolved round the people who answered these letters. Sadly that has either gone or never was, and now there is just a wall to write to Juliet on, and somehow it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Romantic fool that I am though, I still grabbed a kiss under the balcony.

We wandered back to the Piazza and bought a large cupful of fresh fruit which we ate with sticks, and it was lovely and refreshing. We ambled about some more and did lots of window shopping and ended up back at the Arena, where we sat and watched the world go by.


We felt we had seen all we wanted to see and it was time to get back to Brescia for the evening as there was a Mille Miglia party night on in the town and we wanted to see what was happening.

So returned and freshened up we set off for the evening in town and soon found some tents up for what looked like a party, but not for us as it was being got ready for the Welcome Back lunch of the drivers, and it looked very impressive. As we wandered around it became busier and by the time we decided to eat we had our work cut out finding a table. As the evening wore on it got busier and busier and people were still queuing for a table at 10.00. We have never seen so many people out and about in a town before. These were people of all ages, babies and dogs included and it was simply heaving with life. Always with an eye for business, a lot of the shops were open too, which gave me the chance to buy a belt I had been hankering after. There is nothing like shopping when tipsy.

But sleepyheads that we are, we decided to go back to our hotel at about 10.30 only to find that the Metro which is usually quite deserted, was absolutely packed and we missed the first train because we couldn’t get near the door, and nearly failed to get off at our stop because of the the folk we had to squeeze past to get out again!

Two Spritz and half of bottle of Prossecco left us both quite squiffy, as we giggled our way back and fell quickly asleep once tucked up in the hotel. That was certainly a fun experience we will remember for a long time.





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