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Tuesday 20th May – Our Second Day in Venice

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We didn’t trouble ourselves to get up early and ended up going for breakfast at 9.30. Our hotel has no breakfast room so we go to the bigger hotel (part of the same group) just around the corner for our breakfast. It’s kind of weird as it is only thirty yards away but we end up window shopping as we saunter to breakfast. It was bedlam in there and I am quite sure anyone could have walked in and helped themselves to a breakfast for nothing, as we were never asked to identify ourselves.


The one poor girl who was clearing tables,filling baskets with croissants, replacing cutlery, maintaining the coffee machine and generally directing traffic, was stressed out of her head as the room was full with breakfasters and there were 6 or more waiting. There was much crashing of plates and marching about at speed, bellowing “Permesso” or whatever the Italian is for “shift ya butt”, to all the customers who were moving about getting their buffet breakfast. But we soon managed to get ourselves a seat in the corner and tried to keep our heads down. To be honest loud bangs and clatters really stress me out and I felt sure she was deliberately clearing tables in as noisy a manner as she could. Put simply she was getting on my nerves aka tits. Hell a noisy coffee machine can send me over the edge so this girl was really doing a fine job. However, slowly the place calmed down, it emptied a bit and the waitress seemed to calm down too, and slowly so did I, but I made a mental note to sit in the quieter room adjacent, the next day. Breakfast itself was fine by the way. My cappuccino was delicious and is the first coffee I have ever had out of one of these infernal coffee machines that was actually hot!

Fat and full with breakfast we gathered our bits and set off for the day with no real plan. We popped into the Tourist Office to ask about a Secret Itineraries tour of the Doges Palace, but decided in the end that life was too short to queue in the tourist office and the weather too nice to remain for as long as it was taking.

About midday we stopped for a drink but we were not yet ready to eat, so a Spritz filled the gap and gave our legs a rest. We had lunch later by the side of the Grand Canal which looked very pretty but was in fact windy as the dickens and we had to move to a warmer table. Even then it was still very windy and P got quite cold, so it took her most of the rest of the afternoon to warm up. Odd really because it was a beautiful day. Lunch was pizza and pasta, with the pizza being placed in front of me. The Big C reared it’s ugly head over lunch as I found that my hands just did not have the strength to cut my very belligerent pizza. Instead of swapping plates, so that P could cut the pizza, she stood over me and cut it up. This made me feel very silly, probably because I was touchy about the lack of strength in my fingers and I got a bit upset. But hey this was Venice and I was sat opposite a beautiful girl, so I had a word with myself and slapped my smilie face back on. More walking, more ice cream until eventually we were back by the gardens at the St Marco waterbus stop and we saw some lovely small watercolours that we felt we must buy as a souvenir.


By this time my feet were aching off and burning up like you wouldn’t believe. It was mentioned that one common effect of this chemotherapy was that my feet might get very hot. I have always had tender feet but all this walking we are doing has really taken its toll on my tootsies. I left P to see if she could get tickets for the tour we wanted at the Doge’s Palace, while I went back to the room to recover.

She came back with tickets for the Palace tomorrow which means we don’t have to queue, which is great, but the Secret Tour was booked up until next month so looks like we’ll have to book online and come back again for that, Damn!

A long rest was required before I could venture out upright again, but finally we set off to find a suitable place to eat our evening meal. The problem with there being so many places to eat is that you don’t really know what you are getting until you have got it. The meal we ended up with was fine don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t great even though the establishment was Trip Advisor recommended, but we enjoyed ourselves and drank our wine.


Wandering back through St Mark’s square again we stopped to listen to the musicians who were playing at the Cafe Florian and they were having great fun entertaining the many onlookers who had gathered round and were being encouraged to clap with the music. A lovely way to end another lovely day in Venice – a place we have really taken to our hearts.



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