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Holiday Diary Port Cogolin July 2014 Day Three

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Sunday 27th July 2014

The day began for me with a quick dip in the pool while Peanut caught up on her zzzzzzds. This time of the year the sea and the pool are gloriously warm so it was a pleasure to swim in the pool on my own. I was really puffed out though after doing ten lengths which started the demons off in the back of my mind.

Still looking around and enjoying having the pool to myself, I quickly threw them off and went back to our apartment to make P a cup of tea. She fell asleep again after enjoying her cuppa and didn’t rise till 10.30 so I used the time to start our holiday diary.

Now no one can ever say I don’t know how to give my bird a good time, so I had promised her burger and chips in a baguette for lunch from the food kiosk at our favourite beach L’Escalet.

We know all the back roads and shortcuts to avoid the holiday traffic so we went over the hills through Gassin and Ramatuelle. We stopped just after Gassin to take in the stunning views and grab some photos of Pacey. Typical we hadn’t got out of the car before another 4 wheel drive liked where we parked and stopped next to us potentially ruining our shots. As he had driven through a no entry sign I told him it was private land and moved him on! Then I took my photos of PaceBeast!


From there we dropped into Ramatuelle to pick some money up from the cash machine to pay for lunch. A Sunday market was on so we had a wander around that. I spotted some fantastic tinted reading glasses for P for 5 euros. They were superb and made her look like someone out of a Hercule Poirot movie set in Egypt. However, when we came to pay they were 16 euros. If I knew they were 16 euros when we first looked at them we would have got them. But we felt kind of duped or misled so we walked. Yep I can be tight like that.

France is often a series of meanderings for us, as we bumble from place to place but finally we hit the beach. We checked that there were no bat and ball players or other irritants close by that I might start a fight with and then we decamped.


Straight into the sea which was lovely. There is a small cave at the very right end of the beach where we decamp. It is reached only from the sea. It is our magic cave so we swam there for a snog. The snog made my happy mood complete, so much so that later when I was woken from my beach snooze by the repetitive bam bam bam of a pair of bat and ball players I stayed serene and smiled the smile that only the truly valiant can do.


Peanut kindly did the honours and fetched lunch from the kiosk. Burgers, chips, salad and mayo in a baguette ripped in half by Peanut pretending to rip the arms of the bat and ball player! It was delicious.

A few more swims and reads on the beach and we headed back. We stopped briefly in Gassin to book dinner for Wednesday night then headed to the pool at the apartment for a last swim of the day.



For dinner we had salmon steaks cooked on our new electric BBQ with rice and ratatouille, followed by a goats cheese cake coated in dried cranberries. All good.


Before bed we took a stroll around Marines des Cogolin and took some lovely night shots with our Fuji X-E1.


Bed and more Harry Hole at the end of Another Day in Paradise. Night Phil.

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