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Holiday Diary Port Cogolin July 2014 Day Four

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Monday 28th August 2014

This was another of our go with the flow days. We set off trying to locate what is regarded as the prettiest beach in the Le Lavandou area, Elephant Beach.

We headed to Le Lavandou to get directions from the tourist office and we arrived there at 11.30 after a lazy morning. Le Lavandou is only about half an hour away. The tourist office was in a small chateau right where we parked but had no signs on it, so we missed it completely. We trawled through the town finally asked directions and got to the tourist office at 1 minute past twelve thirty. It was closed for lunch from twelve thirty until three. On our initial trawl I had spotted a polo shirt that I wanted so we decided to head back for that, then have a leisurely lunch. Guess what the shop was closed for lunch!

Lunch then accompanied with a carafe of rosé wine and we soon found an appealing restaurant on the front. I had a Norwegian salad which largely was smoked salmon and very nice indeed, while P had good old steak and chips in a pleasant but unknown to us sauce!

It was destined to be a day of almosts. After lunch we ambled about the shops and P stumbled upon some lovely yellow sandals and in the same shop I found some gorgeous grey suede moccasins. Alas they only had my size in cream and Peanut’s size in brown. Maybe the net will track them down when we are home. At five to three we waited outside my polo shirt shop only to find it opened at four. Too long so that went the way of the shoes too.

We meandered back to the tourist office  asked about the beach, were given a map and headed off for the beach. Well yes we missed it by one beach landing on a nice but very crowded beach. We now knew roughly where to head so on another day we will find our elephant. We headed home and our sat nav took us off the coast road to La Mole  and then past Cogolin to home. The drive to La Mole is a very challenging mountain road single track in places but suffice to say oncoming traffic always passed at 2 mph often with one wheel hanging over the edge! We have done this road a few times but one drive I remember fondly was back in 2008 in the Opel GT with RVW and Storm following in their Dubman. We did that run with gusto and it kept us all very alert I can tell you!

Back at the apartment we felt lazy so ordered a take away pizza from Baou Baou’s below us. It was very good,if very cheesy. We ended the day with a Kir each in another small bar below us, staring over the port as the sun slowly disappeared.

A nothing kind of a day, a day full of almosts, yet we had great fun. Le Lavandou is lovely to spend an afternoon in and P certainly rose to the challenge of taking Pacey over the mountains to La Mole.


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