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Looking At Bruges – 28th – 30th November 2014

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Bruges By Night

On a bit of a sudden whim we decided to go to Bruges for the Christmas Markets that they have in several of their squares The journey to Folkestone is the hardest part of this trip by far, as once you are across the Channel it is only an hour and a half of easy driving and you are there. So we drove down to Mrs P’s Mum’s on Thursday night so that we could catch an early crossing on Friday morning and as it all went to plan we were in Bruges  at our hotel just after eleven. We had deliberately chosen somewhere within the city walls so that we would be able to easily walk around, but even so our satellite navigation in the Paceman effortlessly took us to the front door of the hotel.

The hotel was lovely and the black out curtains ensured perfect sleeps. We intended this  to be a lazy-ish break with shopping, eating and just enjoying the moment stuff and that was exactly what we did. Mrs P treated herself to a new pair of slipper boots from the  Christmas market which have made her gloriously happy ever since.  I enjoyed walking along stuffing warm waffles topped with cream and chocolate sauce into my mouth and grabbing the odd photograph along the way. We also bought some chocolate gifts mostly for Christmas and a seasonal tablecloth for Christmas Day Lunch. We passed on the ice-skating in the central marketplace as we have tried that before with mixed success. All in all  a lovely time walking and mooching although Lady P would not let me buy her the lovely Swarovski necklace I spotted and fell in love with. Too Elizabeth Taylor for her was her conclusion so she would never get a chance to wear it. Nonsense you could wear it at home cooking I countered but, it was an argument I was not going to win. Hey ho who cares she loves her Christmas bootie slippers and that’s what matters.

We had been looking for a clock for the living room for some time now without success, we had in mind a glass one, and as luck would have it we found just the thing in Bruges so it made a nice keepsake to bring home from our trip.

In summary then, we went to Bruges, bought a clock and had a great time. You should try it!


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