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The Mille Miglia Revisited

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Last May we were at the Mille Miglia in Brescia and  we had a lot of fun photographing the event and generally soaking up the wonderful atmosphere in the weekend. This week I revisited the photos and found a few that I had not touched, so decided to do the post processing and see what came out. While in Venice back in February of this year we stumbled upon an art shop that specialised in car photography. The artist liked to get up close to the car and make it almost burst out of the photograph by saturating, sharpening and ramping up the dynamic contrast. I loved the resultant photos. In the above picture I was recreating this modus operandi from a post process viewpoint, although not being close enough to the car I wasn’t going to ever achieve the full effect. However, I like the larger than life look of the car and I love the background rammed full of people, giving a real feel of how Brescia is on Mille Miglia weekend. Cars are just littered all over the streets and you can see this here by spotting the number 34 on the front grille of a wonderful Alfa Romeo. For me this photo typifies the event – larger than life cars surrounded by crowds of admirers!


I loved this shot, the old leather seats and the wooden steering wheel which have been on a lifetime of car adventures. The ageing on the seats, the varnishing on the steering wheel, the clutter in the footwells and all the stickers on the car side panel all point to a rich history for this car.

DSCF7422 (1)

The media have a hard life at the Mille Miglia. Here is a Lamborghini press car! The Fuji camera has given us an almost unreal quality to the image and the people in the background are all “beautiful people”. I feel like I am looking at a film set when I see this photo, it reminds me of the Galaxy Audrey Hepburn advert where she hijacks a car as her taxi. The green cast to the side window of the car to me is just yummy. First time round I never even put this photo into the editing pot, but I love it!


On this a green velvet film look has put contrast into the image and I love this as the picture is a tale of two worlds – car world at the bottom and people world at the top!


Mrs P was enjoying doing this sort of shot a lot at the Mille Miglia. Pin sharp backgrounds with a classic Bugatti bursting through the photo. Punched with sharpening and saturation the end result really works. I love the chaos of the front wheel compared to the sharpness of the policeman at the back. The complete opposite of the trackside panning shot but a great idea!


And finally, the Bugatti in all its glory and larger than life, promenading at race end in a large piazza in Brescia. This was a weekend that will stay with me always and revisiting these photos took me back to a wonderful weekend in Brescia!


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