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Holiday Diary – Port Cogolin Tuesday May 5

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Today was a special day. The Elf was coming. Me and Peanut were up early and set the alarm for 7.30. We rolled over several times but nevertheless we were sat outside of arrivals 5 minutes before The Elf wafted through.

Big hugs and were in the car headed for Old Antibes. The plan was to visit the Picasso Museum so we headed there but decided to have lunch first. Almost immediately we saw a pretty restaurant with white rattan chairs and tables and lovely table cloths but we decided to push on to the museum and find another one closer too. It never happened but a shortcut so us quickly back to the first restaurant so we bagged a table. 3 plat de jours were ordered and this was a filet of dourade fish in a basil cream mousse surrounded by a modest amount of wedges. White wine washed it down and dessert was creme caramel for me, chocolate and strawberry ice cream for The Elf and chocolate mousse for Lady P.

It really was a rather charming lunch but it left us full and sluggish. We bumbled back to the Picasso Museum to find it still closed for lunch, so then we meandered around the ships of Old Antibes.  By common consent we all decided we were now very tired so decided to return to the car and head to the apartment in Port Cogolin. 

A shame in some ways, as the plan was to see the Picasso Museum, then head for St Paul de Vence for dinner and more art. Great in theory but in practice, I tire very quickly with this chemotherapy treatment and The Elf was tired through flying and being up from 5 am.

We were home for half three. I had a doze and then P and her Elf went to Geant to shop for a light tea. Amelia quickly got into the retail therapy thing coming away from the supermarket the proud owner of some new Birkenstocks. 

We ate informally on our new patio chair set , sharing a pizza and then some fresh fruit salad and cream into which Mrs P had crumbled a meringue. Oh my God was that a wonderful meringue. Stickified to perfection.

Reading and chilling next before bed and another day to go out playing.



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