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Holiday Diary – Port Cogolin Monday 4 May

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Another lazy lie in and a whole day in front of us to do as we please. It wasn’t beach weather though it was warm, so we decided to get the bits we needed for the flat. We had nowhere to hang our wet towels and indeed we did not have an abundance of towels. So it was time to put a few of the nice things in our life back in the flat.

We decided to go to some local shops on the way to Cogolin, have lunch in Cogolin and then see what we could find in St Tropez. We stopped at a local furniture shop called Fashions of The World as we noticed that our lovely but delicate wine glasses were now down to one. So three of them were picked up. Next door was the Morgan clothes shop, so we spent an hour and a half in there, emerging with a top and a new black Mac for Peanut. Yes the retail therapy was going well.

Next we went to Leclerc the hypermarket in Cogolin looking for a clothes maiden. No luck. This was being evasive. Time then for simple lunch in Cogolin. We ordered a pizza, a plate of chips and a small carafe of wine. It was a pleasant interlude from the retail therapy. From here we dropped into St Tropez and parked in our favourite little car park in Place des Lices bang in the centre. We walked down a narrow shop lined passage to the port where we clocked some nice towels. Unfortunately, the shop was closed for lunch. At the port we turned left to gaze in the Breitling shop and carried on to the Ferrari shop. Needless to say we left both stores empty handed. The ever fretful Peanut thought my bottom lip was wobbling, so she quickly sat us down and bought us both a caramel Magnum. See I’m an easy man to keep happy!

Back to the port and after admiring the artists lining the harbour we hit the Naf Naf shop where Mrs P bought a lovely black top. We did a quick tour of the watch shops (just looking) and then went back up the passage from the port to Place des Lices. The towel shop was open so we bought the two biggest, whitest, fluffiest towels I have ever set eyes on. Mmmmm can’t wait for my next shower!

Back in the car but still no maiden. We went to Weldom a DIY shop right next door to The Morgan shop where our day began. Success we bagged ourselves a Maiden. Well come on you know how much us boys need a maiden in our lives.

We now looped back To Geant to buy some cakes and a set of patio furniture that we had previously spotted. The plan was to eat our cakes back at the flat on our new chairs.  However, approximately 4789 bolts went into the building of these chairs. So the cakes became our dessert for dinner.

It maybe doesn’t sound like the most fun filled day ever, but to be fair, I got to play fashion advisor to Mrs P for a few hours and DIY supervisor. Yep I was very happy with my day – and tomorrow an Elf is joining us to play out in the South of France.

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