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Holiday Diary – Port Cogolin Wed 6 May

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Today was deemed a lazy beach day, so it began with a lie in before I got up had some Frosties on the terrace and caught up with the world on my iPhone.  Then I went to the garage on the corner before Geant for some fresh croissants. Unfortunately they had sold out so I carried on to Geant for them. I love this morning stroll and enjoy a look in the furniture stores at the entrance to St Tropez . They had a beautiful Lloyd Loom Breakfast table and chair set. A white table and two navy chairs it was gorgeous, though expensive I’m guessing.

When I got back The Elf and P were both up. The sofa bed in the living room was tucked away, so we had our croissants straight away. A simple but lovely way to get the day going. The sun was out in force giving a perfect Provençal day with blue blue skies contrasting beautifully to the rich earthy, terracotta colours of the buildings around the port facing us.

We headed out making a quick stop at Maisons du Monde to show it to Amelia and also the Morgan clothes shop next door. Second time round for P and she was restless for the beach so we headed off in the direction of La Croix Valmer as we were off to Gigaro.

The blue sky ran into a lovely calm blue sea the join between the two blurred by a faint mist which was hiding the Porquerolles on the horizon. It was a day for painters and artists. It was just after 12 so we dived into a beautiful restaurant on the beach. The views were lovely and the setting ideal. For our sins we watch Montalbano an Italian detective series set in Sicily with English subtitles. Montalbano spends a lot of time in a restaurant which I instantly thought of as I sat here in this perfect world.

We ordered. Salads for the girls but I was emboldened by my comparison to the world of Montalbano. Like all Italians he loved his food. So I ordered grilled sardines with rice and green beans. Nine of the bug gars turned up in a line on my plate each head pointing at me and my boldness faded as the sardines began to intimidate me.

This was no longer lunch, this was a psychological battle between me and the sardines, it was a challenge. It was some sort of reality TV programme and I was alone in a desert island having to catch my own food, the outcome was a dishonourable draw with me defeating 5 of the 9 sardines. In my defence these were not ordinary sardines, each one was the size of the fish Jesus used when he fed the five thousand with just Five fish. Thinking of it in those terms then I did not do too badly, I had just ate as much fish in one go as 5000 people did in biblical times!

We meandered along the beach and decamped and I quickly settled to read another mushy romance novel by Kate Fitzroy. Guilty secret? No I’m not even embarrassed I love the world she weaves. This one centres around Tuscany and Siena, where all being well we are headed in September.

Beaches are never dull. A small party of the most adorable kindergarten kids you ever set eyes on formed a circle around their teacher for lessons on the beach. It was delightful to see. Peanut and Amelia however barely noticed. Adonis was standing in front of us adorning nought but a scarf around his medals. He bent over to tuck the tail of his scarf under his crotch and into the top of the scarf at the back. He turned  round to show how tightly this packed his medals. Embarrassed for P I gently wiped away some dribble that was falling from the corner of her mouth. Mother and daughter saw little else on the beach that day. Feeling faintly left out I gazed forlornly around seeking some beautiful breasts to gaze idly at. Thwarted, I returned to my romantic novel.

By half four we had done with the beach and decided to pop into St Tropez on the way home. From Gigaro the route is a beautiful scenic route through the vineyards and hills behind the famous beaches of Pampelonne. A clever short cut we know sees us at our favourite car park in Place des Lices without encountering any traffic.

Peanut bought a little top, I looked in a few watch shops, we enjoyed an ice cream watching the artists along the harbour. We watched fascinated as a huge yacht reversed into its parking spot. The less than walking speed of the manoeuvre gave it all a glorious sense of occasion. A street performer had seemingly suspended himself in mid air, pleased at the attention he was getting until he realised everyone was watching the yacht.

Time for home and we dropped into Geant for some salad for dinner.

We had a leisurely evening built around dinner on the loggia. The perfect end to a simple but lovely day.


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