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A Walk Around Antibes Shooting On The Fuji

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Our recent vacation to the south of France saw us in Antibes for lunch after collecting Peanut’s daughter The Elf from Nice airport as she had flown in to join us on the Tuesday for the rest of the week.

We parked at the port by the side of the old town and this immediately gave us our first shot.


I was pleased with this straightaway just about getting enough light in the faces of Mrs P and The Elf while capturing a beautiful port shot behind. The girls looked suitably South of France fashionable,the boats looked expensive and there is even an old castle right at the back.

Our plan was to find the Picasso Museum and have lunch in a restaurant nearby and then do the Museum. Well we soon found the museum, so I grabbed a shot including the two girls once more. People in pictures sems to be my thing just now. Sounds obvious but people bring a photo to life.


As it happened a restaurant did not appear close to the museum so via a short cut we headed back to a very nice looking restaurant we had spotted earlier. A short cut took us back via the local market, which just begged for a couple of quick shots to be taken.



After cutting through this delightful market we sat down for a lovely meal at a very appealing restauarant bedecked with lots of white table cloths. The sun shone, the food was lovely, the wine flowed and I was dining with two pretty girls. It was all good.


After lunch we meandered back to the Picasso Museum only to find it closed for lunch. Lurking around the entrance deciding on our next plan, I looked down on a tiny square. The colours immediately struck me of the walls around the little square and the pattern of the floor too. The people were all sat down almost symmetrically spaced and I just felt I was gifted a rather wonderful photo. I grabbed it and for me this is one of my favourites from the holiday.


We walked about the town shopping and browsing and giving up on the museum. I spotted a bronze statue by the port and thought it worthy of a shot. We were to see a lot more street art as we explored the south of France. Anyway I felt pleased with where I went with this shot.


So there you have it a brief glimpse into Old Antibes a pretty little place worth a look.


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