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A Walk Around Mougins Shooting On The Fuji



We had spent the morning in Grasse making perfume at the Galimard factory. It was a morning well spent which we rounded off with a lovely lunch in the old part of Grasse.

To keep the easy going lazy style of the day we headed to Mougins a medieval hilltop village above Cannes. It is a prosperous village populated by artists and fine restaurants. It is a sleepy village with a wonderful photography museum and a clasical art museum. I always feel, I dunno… just right when I meander around this village. We spotted some cushions with Picasso prints on them and nearly wobbled into a tasty purchase. Each turn presented a piece of art to ponder on and admire. Similar to the bronzed man we saw in Antibes, his brothers were leaping naked around Mougins. Mougins was a better pleace for their presence.


Once parked we got a lift to the top which brought us out by the tourist office and a large open square. The Elf went for a few minutes of contemplation and I went for a few minutes snapping The Elf doing her contemplation. What can I say, the place evokes thought.


I liked this photo of her on the bench – the leg, bright red and stretched and matched by a red art work towards the end of the open space – thoughts.


We wandered through the narrow streets stumbling upon other art works. Grand pieces in tiny spaces, the impact of the work emphasised all the more because of this. Look at this wonderful piece in this tiny square. I have a courtyard back garden, or a pocket handkerchief back garden if you prefer here at home in Malvern God I would love a piece of art such as this dominating that tiny space.


Around another corner and an artist declared her trade by painting the side of her studio. Just wonderful.


Another corner turned and we were by the Photography Museum and I loved this shot juxtaposing a huge Picasso billboard on the museum wall with another glorious bronze statue. This photo is Three Men, Three Worlds.


Yet the same work of art  becomes a different story from another angle.


Another few corners turned and we were confronted by a huge leap into the unknown. Spying this bronzed man taking his step into the future between two wonderful old buildings that framed a vista of sunshine and blue sky was truly a powerful presentation. Hmmm maybe I lose something giving it you in black and white, when the South of France is so much about colour. Ok, you get two versions of this!



My wife Lady P added her simple English beauty to an elegant street scene of Mougins. Works perfectly for me.


More art work in the streets came our way and you just feel uplifted being here.





Satiated with art we flopped into a cafe for the most wonderful Cappucino, Cafe Gourmand and English Tea ever. A lovely place – go see.


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2 thoughts on “A Walk Around Mougins Shooting On The Fuji

  1. Fantastic post! Oh, I love this town!

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