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Berlin Long Weekend Day 1

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Wednesday was an emotional day for Mrs P as it was her last day working for the NHS doing the job she has done since training as a sixteen year old school leaver. Her friends at work gave her a heartfelt fine and dandy send off, spoiling her with gifts and a collection for some garden furniture which Lady P likes. I know she will be missed and she will miss the camaraderie she enjoyed with her work mates but it is time for her to explore a different chapter in her life. Somewhat emotional she hung her lab coat up for the final time and headed off to start her next chapter.

Well it begins in Berlin and that very night we set off for our long weekend there. We drove from home at 18.30 on Wednesday night heading for my cousin’s house in London. We stayed the night  and caught the 08.40 Berlin flight from Gatwick the next morning.

The taxi to the airport collected us at 06.30 and we enjoyed an entertaining chat with the driver – proud Father of seven children! I hate the airport experience but to be fair Gatwick seems to run smoothly and the passbook app on the phone certainly facilitates smooth checking in. A quick piece of toast and jam with tea and we were on the plane. We were out of Berlin airport in no time and walked to the train. The fresh air had my eyes streaming and to be honest at the train station we were clueless. I couldn’t even see the train maps never mind read them. After much bumbling and blustering we bought tickets and chose a platform on the basis of a totally uneducated guess.

A train was stationary with its doors open. Peanut stepped on but blocked the doorway as she asked a passenger where the train went. I was stuck on the platform. Suddenly the doors closed and Peanut stepped further in with shock. I couldn’t open the door and Peanut left on the train without me.

I was abandoned, homeless contemplating living out my days sleeping rough on an East German train station bench. I rallied grew some balls and thought… I still had 26% power on my phone I could phone The Peanut. Oh wait she keeps meaning to get her phone set up to work abroad… I felt my trousers go baggy again as my balls shrunk and I looked sadly at my new home the bench.

I thought again, my balls grew. I had the train tickets I could follow her… Oh no that means P is on a German train with no ticket. They will lock her up… My ping pong balls shrunk again.

Another train pulled in what do I do? Shall I get on it? Shall I stay put. Shall I just get a taxi straight to the hotel?

A beautiful vision appeared before me and suddenly I knew my homeless days were over.    Waving and smiling Mrs P had gotten off the train and my terrible ordeal was over.

After that our trip went smoothly and we got to our hotel a little after 14.00. The hotel sat between the Apple shop and the Hugo Boss shop on Berlin’s finest shopping street and looked stunning as we entered reception. It is all very stylised and our room is lovely. We had a cold drink and coffee in our room, caught our breath and then went for an explore of the local area.

Two shops up was the Tesla shop with a rather nice bit of kit on display. We then had a long and tiring mooch and walk before landing at an Italian restaurant where we had an early evening meal. Nice enough but nothing to wax lyrical about.

We dragged our weary feet back to the hotel, shared a lovely hot bath and settled to watch a Donna Leon serial about her Venetian detective Brunetti in German. Surreal.

Fun we are having!

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One thought on “Berlin Long Weekend Day 1

  1. Let the adventures begin for you two! Scary start but I am glad all is well!

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