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Berlin Long Weekend – Helmut Newton Foundation

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I have already blogged our visit to the Helmut Newton Foundation but here are a few shots we grabbed on the FUjI. This girl looked so drab yet had a lovely face, to my mind she looked like a creative artistic type, totally at home in this museum and as such in a street style candid style I found her quite fascinating.


This selection of Newton nudes confronts you at the top of the central stairs that lead to the first floor. I say confront deliberately as to my mind they do just that. To my eye they have a stark coldness that takes away any erotic element you might expect. They confront and challenge you and perhaps it is this very quality that Newton can achieve that makes them stand out.


One of Szymon Brodziak’s photographs – this guy really appealed to us.


That Girl again – couldn’t resist.

green velvet

Newton photographed a lot of celebrities in their hotel rooms and often had them open their bedside tables and photographed the contents in the drawer. It was oddly fascinating. He also did a lot of selfies, so here is our hotel room selfie. we have a few other Newton inspired photo ideas but Berlin didn’t seem to have the background we need. paris, or venice or indeed even malvern might give us what we want for that project though.

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