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Berlin Long Weekend – Fuji Camera Shots

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Red Bike for me!

We find that for our Photo Blog and our Fashion and Car Blogs too for that matter, the kit we use seems to work well. A lot of the shots are taken on our iPhone 6 Plus, and then we supplement these with Fuji camera photos, often the XE-1 matched to our Fuji XC -50-230mm f/4.5 – 6.7 OIS lens and the XM-1 shooting with the Fuji  XF 35mm f/1.4 R Lens. I tend to use the latter often shhoting from the hip using the swivel  rear view finder, while Peanut likes the zoom. the iPhone is always with us so with that you never miss the shot and in truth for blogs the pictures aren’t half bad using the F2.2 lens which shoots fast. The other too cameras while far more compact than SLR’s  do require commitment when you are out for the day sightseeing.

Anyway these are all Fuji camera shots from our walk abouts in Berlin.

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One thought on “Berlin Long Weekend – Fuji Camera Shots

  1. Gorgeous pictures, all. I do see your interest in the gallery girl. She is rather intriguing.

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