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Holiday Diary – France and Italy August 2015 Days 1 and 2

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A Hospital And A Holiday

This is our main holiday for 2015 a 16 day break at our apartment in the south of France with a mini holiday in the middle – three nights in Tuscany and Three nights in Venice. We already had a five day break in Venice back in February for the Carnevale, while May saw us in the south of France for a week and in July we could be spied exploring the Berlin Wall. This one I’m very excited about. A full on road trip in our JCW MINI Coupe a perfect Grand Tourer for us!

The holiday got off to a slow start. First, one of our cats, Ola went missing the night before we were leaving and we had a sleepless night before she turned up at 6am. I had a hospital consultation in Oxford next so we then got up for that and headed to Oxford in our car packed for the holiday. If treatment was to start almost straight away then there would be no holiday, so things clearly were very much in the air.

As it turned out the consultation went very well and the treatment begins the day I get back. On the back of Ola’s safe return this was further good news. Also I was still connected to a chemotherapy bottle on my hip and as it was empty I asked if they could remove it, which would save us returning to Worcester for this. They did. This was a great start so we went straight to the tunnel. I popped my first chocolate eclair into my mouth too. It isn’t a road trip with chocolate eclairs! We got there at four after fighting through traffic, booked an earlier crossing at 18.30 which after a delay left at 20.30 two hours earlier than our original booking! A great start all round then. Peanut and Beastie were grinning.

Between us we put a few hours in driving. SilverBeast (our car) was performing superbly and we soon got past Reims. We got to just shy of Dijon and pulled into a service station for a short sleep. However, the loss of sleep the night before worrying about Ola had caught up with us and we didn’t wake till 7 am. Oh well we are on holiday after all!

The result of this was we had a lot of traffic and hold ups to fight past. Lyon was bad but further jams followed after Lyon. We were so glad to have the electronic tag in the car which lets you whizz through the tolls, it really saved us hours. 16.00 hours then and we arrived at our apartment. All was good and we were soon set up and unpacked. 

Geant our nearby hypermarket was next and we walked there with our good old tartan shopping trolley to stock up. We picked up some paella for dinner later and some eggs for a salad the next day. However, I asked if we could have boiled eggs for breakfast next day too as a treat, so looking forward to that too.

Paella was lovely and we walked it off with a stroll around Port Cogolin before falling into bed trying to defeat tiredness with a quick read! We were content.


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