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Holiday Diary- France And Italy August 2015 Day 15

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Friday 4th September.

Yesterday we trawled about looking for some bits for the apartment to replace the rug and the red leather chair. We bought a rug and a marble topped bistro table. This morning we had a rethink.

We decided to get rid of a pouffe and a coffee table, put the bistro table there with two chairs from outside and keep the red chair and get s throw to disguise its tattiness. So this morning we went out and got a table cloth for the table and a circular place mat and a throw for the chair. For good measure we got a little stool for the bedroom too to replace the old one we had.

If my health remains good we will come back at Christmas and finish the bedroom. We will get some rugs and a bedspread in the UK and I will add a few pictures that I have taken for the walls and bring them with us.

We had some cheese and biscuits for lunch on our terrace watching the sleepy comings and goings in the small port just below us. Having spent the morning trawling about shops hunting down stuff for the apartment we lazed about in the afternoon reading. The day was overcast and the beach wasn’t calling us.

However, we decided to head to L’Escalet beach about 4ish and see what photographs we could take. We shot on the two Fuji cameras one zoom and one 18-55. In truth I don’t think we got anything sensational but we enjoyed the walk as we headed to our favourite beach there. The sun came out and it made for a lovely coastal walk but without the intense heat we might have had.

Back home and we decided to eat downstairs at Tiramasui. This is an Italian and the food really is quite good. I had pasta bolognese and Peanut had tagliatelle with scampi. White wine and sparkling water to wash it down and a lovely coffee Gourmand to finish with.

A lovely lazy day. 


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