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The Antics of Worth and Gates 41/366


Worth spent the day at work. That left Gates free to arrange some house mods. Today’s mod was new bathroom carpet.


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6 thoughts on “The Antics of Worth and Gates 41/366

  1. I start chemo tomorrow. A bit nervous. Please keep me in your thoughts. Thanks so much.

    • I have been thinking of you a lot lately. I hope it goes well and you take it in your stride. I am lucky I generally cope with it well. It’s a part of your life but only a part, you still have your life to lead which includes lots of blogging!

      • Adrian, thanks so much for the support. I leave shortly for chemo then surgery tomorrow so they can start radiation on my neck. Evidently this melanoma is a bit aggressive and they need to complete this two-part neck surgery sooner rather than later so they can get on with chemo. Does it get easier as it goes? You know you are my hero! Yes, I am going to live my life so thank you so much for the reminder. I am nervous about this…..

      • The main thing is you are in the system. Just keep turning up when told to and let them get on with it. Chemo doesn’t get easier as I think it is cumulative on your body but the fear factor goes. For me I turn up at the ward say hello to a few friends there enjoy tea and biscuits, play on my iPhone while the chemo does its stuff. No need to be nervous then about going. I just get jiggly things upset tummy and do on. Massively thinking of you now. So love and hugs from England x

      • Just wanted to let you know in light of surgery tomorrow, the doctors decided chemo for my first time today might be a bit much. Thankful for that. I have saved your advice to pump me up. Means so much. It really does.

      • There will be other times when you turn up for chemo and it doesn’t go ahead. Best of luck for tomorrow x

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