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The Antics of Worth and Gates 45/366


Worth loved the way that his day just seemed to evolve as it went along. It began with Gates reading a Biggles adventure to him in bed early on. The story had taken Algy and Bertie to the South of France to a villa in Eze not far from Monte Carlo. This reminded Worth that he wanted to go to Eze at Easter when they were in the South of France. To visit the Galimard perfume shop at Eze. Then he remembered another book he had read set in Eze which mentioned a path from Eze down to the beach. 

Gates said she would like to walk this path and investigated on the Internet. It is called Nietzsche’s Trail after the famous German philosopher who lived at Eze for a while hoping to benefit his poor health. Worth and Gates then spent another hour in bed finding out more about Nietzsche.

Gates decided that they would walk Nietzsche’s Trail spending the day in and around Eze and revisit Monte Carlo another day.

Worth would need to be fitter than he is to do this, so a quick bath followed before Gates took him walking up The Malvern Hills as his first bit of practice towards this goal. 

Spending the morning of Valentine’s Day in bed planning adventures is a perfect morning for Worth and Gates.


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4 thoughts on “The Antics of Worth and Gates 45/366

  1. A perfect morning, indeed!

    • Hey and how are you? 😀

      • I think my doctor is trying to kill me. I had another neck surgery last week (the final one) and he was able to remove some more of the tumor that had wrapped around a disc, remove that disc and fuse my neck. Two surgeries in two weeks, Adrian. I am so sore. We need to do a radiation treatment for one lesion on my brain and then looking at chemo next week. Not looking for a pity party, but I could just cry. You and Peanut make me smile with every post so thanks so much for the joy.

      • Oh Lois that is tough going for sure. Thank you for finding the time and strength to update us. I’m not surprised you feel like crying it just ain’t fun when it hurts. Good luck with the chemo and radiation treatment you are in our thoughts. Hope we can make you smile once or twice over the next few weeks. X

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