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The Antics of Worth and Gates 58/366


Worth’s Mum is visiting and she brought some old photos with her. Worth photographed this one and thought of his Dad. He died at 56 when Worth was 26. Next month Worth is 56 himself…

Worth noticed the precision perfect crease on his Dad’s trousers and for some reason this made him think of how his Dad taught him to clean his shoes every day before school. Even today Worth hates dirty shoes. Worth’s Dad was a handsome fella and a smart dresser but more importantly he was a gentleman. If Worth can be half the gentleman his Dad was then he will know he has done right by Gates.


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2 thoughts on “The Antics of Worth and Gates 58/366

  1. What a wonderful photo–like father, like son.
    Oh, the age thing–I am fast closing in on the age my mom died from leukemia and that weighs very heavy on my mind…… I have got to dispel that and get on with the living.

    • You know what you have to do but it’s not always easy I know. Right now I get a lot of tummy ache after eating and it is knocking my confidence but I have to get over that to enjoy the fun life offers. Take care my friend x

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