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The Antics of Worth and Gates 52/366

The sun showed his face today and Worth and Gates used it as an excuse to get out in the GP. Gates made the supercharger whine. It was good. The end.



The Antics of Worth and Gates 51/366

Worth and Gates were entertaining The Don and his wife at home. The Don is into his orchids and brought one round as a gift. Gates hopes she can keep it looking as good as it does now. 

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The Antics of Worth and Gates 47/366

Worth and Gates have had a fun evening with dinner at Benedicto’s in Malvern with their friend Linda. This was followed with a visit to the theatre to watch Alan Ayckbourne’s farce Round and Round The Garden. As good as the evening was though a simple pleasure got the picture for today as Gates loved seeing these daffodils in their garden enjoying the crisp day’s sunshine. Worth had to agree.